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Juan Iñaki: national and international star

We tell you everything about Juan Iñaki, the Cordovan singer who gives a new approach to folklore and fills us with joy with his music.


It is one of the young faces that come to revolutionize   folklore   and make it cool. He was born in Cordoba in 1983. The story of this singer begins far behind and began with singing studies at the age of 11. At the age of 13, he knew he would be devoted to this musical genre. But he had his back and forth. In the 90s, when   the Sole   He would roll the poncho on stage and drive us all crazy, Iñaki started with his dilemmas.

As a little boy, he identified with the   folk rhythms   , its instruments and the soul of the genre. However, he says that it seemed too much to him everything that folklore generated at the time. The ponchos, the “costumes,” and more.In his words, he confessed to the media: “It was all very grotesque, almost circus; I had a very big internal struggle that they would not associate me with that world. It was a matter of   aesthetics   sensitivity. Manuel Castilla dazzled me,   Hamlet Lima Quintana   ”.

He was dedicated to lyrical singing. His voice is unique. Your record of   light lyric tenor   adapts to all genres. This allowed him to continue his studies, which he never abandoned. And, in turn, made your way   self-discovery   go along many trails. Juan Iñaki was trained in the National of Cordoba. He completed the Bachelor's Degree in   Musical Composition   and the Teachers in Music Education. He also participated in the world of theater and percussion. All disciplines that consolidate it today as the   multifaceted artist   what is it.


  From Cordoba pa'l world  

It's a star that can't miss in the   national festivals   . Like the   Cosquin   , that of Dressage and Folklore   jesus mary   , La Chaya,   Harvest Festival   and the Poncho Festival. But it is also   international   : was invited to thousands of events on the other side of the pond, in Italy and Spain. As well as throughout Latin America. Iñaki is an artist who   revolutionized folklore   and grew step by step, growing the genre with him.


Image:   Juan Iñaki  

Publication Date: 28/05/2020

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