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Is there an Argentine jazz?

The question is how did jazz come to Argentina? The answer is simple: by boat.


Even today, some people deny the existence of an  Argentine jazz   , because the link between that  musical genre and the African-American culture is almost indestructible. However, there is a  native jazz and a long tradition of local musicians who have been doing it for more than 100 years.

The question is how did  jazz come to Argentina? The answer is simple: by boat, like so many other symbols of our culture. Like   tango  , like   folklore  , genres to that we do feel good Argentines. However, it seems that there is a kind of denial of the Argentine tradition of  jazz , whose emergence — as we said — coexisted with that of tango and that of folklore as national music.

Perhaps the main difference between those two genres and  jazz lies in that, in the case of the latter, it is more strongly linked to the  African-American tradition . And we say “more strongly”, because both tango and folklore have the same “black” or African roots, only these are “invisible”: that's not what we talk about.

 Jazzy , in turn, did not undergo major transformations, as happened with folklore or tango when they were incorporated as new rhythms in our country. That is why it becomes more difficult to feel it as an indigenous music, because —in appearance — it has little of”our”. And there is, perhaps, one last reason given by the remembered  Walter Malosetti at the time: “  Jazzy , like classical music, manages its own times, tends to culture, and that bothers a bit.”

Publication Date: 19/05/2018

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