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Interview with Pablo Ziegler

“It is unquestionable that Pablo Ziegler takes Tango to levels of sophistication and refinement, probably never dreamed of by Piazzolla”. Chicago Tribune.

Ziegler entrevista

By Maria Cabeza

Pablo Ziegler is a composer, arranger and nationally and internationally recognized pianist. And born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In the early 1960s, influenced by Bebop and Dixieland, he began to play jazz. It was at that moment that he created the Pablo Ziegler Terceto, which reflected his musical history through jazz arrangements on classical music.

In 1978 he was invited to be part of the second Quintet of Astor Piazzolla, with whom he played for 10 years.

Pablo Ziegler formed his own Quartet for Nuevo Tango in 1990

He combined classical tangos rhythms with jazz improvisations. Something that wasn't common at that time in the tango lexicon.

Pablo Ziegler plays with various formations, such as trios, different quartets, quintets, piano duets and as a soloist with orchestras, with his own music.

Winner of valuable and numerous awards, he received a Grammy — award for which he was nominated several times — in 2005 for his CD “Under Zero”. And in 2018 he received another Grammy for his CD “Jazz Tango”.

Here, the interview

__ What made you interested in music?

__He began to catch me from the age of three; my parents took me to watch movies and I paid attention to their music.

__Why the piano?

__In my house there was a piano that belonged to my grandmother. After going to the movies with my parents, I would come and go straight to the music room. I was trying to play what I heard in the movie, by ear. Apparently I did it very accurately because my mother conceived that I had a great talent for music. And he took me to the Buenos Aires Conservatory of Music to study piano.

__What does Pablo Ziegler think of Jazz in Argentina?

__In Argentina there is a vaguely Jazz because most musicians try to imitate American Jazz. The style of Jazz that I like is that of the fusion between Argentine folk music and Jazz.

__What does folk music bring?

__Argentine folk music has a huge variety. And when it merges with Jazz you reach a degree of freedom and sophistication unimaginable. You don't give yourself an idea of the background you have. There aren't many musicians who can do it. It is unquestionable that it correctly. But I think it's very important that they maintain their identity with a different musical approach.

__What is the key to playing internationally?

__Be unique. I have heard some musicians at Bebop Jazz Club (San Telmo) and I hope that musicians capable of playing outside Argentina will emerge. Whether in the United States, Europe and even Asia.

Courtesy of Scott Thompson PR.

Translation: María Cabeza (Collaborator of the International Jazz Festival of Punta del Este, Uruguay)

Publication Date: 11/06/2019

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By: Gustavo Ordoñez 30 June, 2019

Un Capo!

Por: Victoria Prieto 07 July, 2019

En respuesta a Gustavo Ordoñez

Un gran compañero del maestro Piazzola. Un día triste hoy que Astor ya no está pero su legado es una maravilla. Gracias a ambos! Victoria

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