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On this gray afternoon

“In this grey afternoon”, the tango composed by José María Contursi and Mariano Mores, hides a great love story based on real events.

EN esta tarde gris

Our tangos are full of broken loves. In its lyrics, the porteña melancholy is shown in all its expression and men also fall in love. And they suffer. Today we are going to tell you the story behind the song   “On this gray afternoon”   , composed in 1941 by     Mariano Mores     in music and the poet   Jose Maria Contursi   in letter.

The protagonist of this   love story   is, of course, Jose Maria Contursi. The poet was married to Alina Zárate, with whom he had four children, when   he met a young woman he fell in love with: Susana Gricel Viganto.   The   romance   she was passing, but the love I felt for her didn't. Contursi returned to his wife, but he could never forget Susana or the remorse he had for letting her go.

History, however,   had a   happy ending     . After several years, he became a widower and Susana was abandoned by her husband. Destiny — or love, who knows — made them meet again in 1962.   And they never broke up again   .

  On this gray afternoon  

What a desire to cry this gray afternoon!

In his ringing the rain talks about you...

Remorse of knowing

That because of me, never,

Life, I'll never see you.

My   eyes   when closing they see you just like yesterday,

Trembling, begging again for my love...

And today is your voice coming back to me

on this gray afternoon!

Come on

Sad you told me,

That in this solitude

Can't my soul anymore...

Come on

And pity my pain,

That I'm tired of crying,

Suffer and wait for you

And always talk alone

With my heart.

Come on,

Well, I love you so much,

What if you don't come today

I'm going to be drowned in crying...


It can't be that I live like that,

With this love nailed in me

Like a   curse   .

I didn't know how to understand your despair

And joyful I walked away on the wings of another love...

How lonely and sad I found

when i saw me so far

and my deception I checked!

My eyes close see you just like yesterday,

Trembling, begging again for my love...

And today is your voice that bleeds in me

on this gray afternoon!

Publication Date: 12/05/2020

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