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On the day of his birth, 4 things you didn't know about Gardel

December 11: Carlos Gardel is born

Tango — which was born in the brothels, associated with the marginal classes — had to arrive first in Paris and then accepted by the upper classes of Buenos Aires. For this to happen, there was a person, a voice, who was the ambassador par excellence of that beautiful music: of course we talked about Carlos Gardel.A day like today this man was born — in Toulouse or Tacuarembó, how important it is if he always felt Argentine— and we want to take advantage of to tell you some facts about his life that is sure not did you know. (1) The immigrant child Before the costumes, smile and hat, Gardel had a difficult childhood. He was an immigrant boy who worked in an ironing shop. 2) The beginnings His first contact with show business was not as most of us would expect: he worked as a “applauder” in theatrical shows. 3) The bullet in the lung In 1915, Gardel was shot while performing a performance. The bullet remained in his left lung all his life. Who fired the gun? A man not so well known, but whose nephew would go down in history: Roberto Guevara, the uncle of Che. 4) The voice that motivated the other voice Before Frank Sinatra was what he ended up being, he was a young man who admired Gardel. One winter in New York, both singers met and the Thrush encouraged Sinatra to dedicate himself to singing. The American singer was grateful to him all his life.

Publication Date: 11/12/2018

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By: cachador 12 December, 2018

Lo único cierto es que su primer contacto con los teatros fue trabajr como “aplaudidor” en espectáculos teatrales.

By: EDITH 26 July, 2019

Me encanta que dediquen una merecida nota a Carlos Gardel pero sería bueno que informen correctamente. Fue su mamá quien trabajó en un taller de planchado, no él. Nació en Toulouse, Francia y murió siendo argentino por opción. Y está comprobado que no fue el tío del Che Guevara quien disparó, sino un homónimo. Saludos.

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