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In July the Festival of the Sachaguitarras will be held

In Villa Atamisqui, in Santiago del Estero, the Festival of the Sachaguitarras will be held, a meeting that was carried out by the recently deceased Elpidio Herrera.

Sachaguitarras Atamisqueñas

Villa Atamisqui will live, on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 July, the celebration of Las Sachaguitarras Atamisqueñas. In the traditional courtyard of Elpidio Herrera's house, it will be the 48th anniversary of the meeting. Thousands of souls come from different parts of the country gather there to live this meeting intensely.

It had initially been speculated that, with Elpidio's death, it would not be realized. Manolo Herrera, one of the children of the santiagueño luthier, confirmed that the festival will take place.  It will be held on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21  with its own characteristics that identify it.

Manolo also pointed out that previously, on Friday 12 July, in Terraviva (San Martín and Santa Fe, this is in Santiago), the show “La noche de las Sachaguitarras” will take place, with the participation of santiagueños musicians.

Herrera specified that in both cases they will be a tribute to her dear father. He was the founder of the group that today will continue his way with him and the musicians “Piri” Leguizamón, Andrés Cisneros, Carlos Baigorrí and Martín Málaga.

“We will continue with the party, just as he would have wanted. We will always continue with this encounter that it has cost Elpidio so much sacrifice to make it happen. As always, we invite everyone to come and enjoy. As Elpidio said: the party is for people to enjoy,” said Manolo.

For this party, in other editions, Néstor Garnica and Manuel Orellana passed, “with perfect assistance”. Also Mario Álvarez Quiroga and Duo Coplanacu.

The 48th birthday of Las Sachaguitarras Atamisqueñas will be lived with the participation of musicians, poets and popular singers. They will arrive from all over the province and from other parts of the country, all arriving at the historic village to participate in a cultural space that was set up among the tourist and cultural proposals that the province offers during the winter season.

Source: EL Liberal

Publication Date: 03/07/2019

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