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I am also Cordobés

When death comes soon, youth becomes eternal and myth becomes even more.


When death comes soon, youth becomes eternal and myth even more. In his 27 years of life, Rodrigo Bueno propelled the quartet all over the country with charisma and energy: he managed to get even the porteños to shout “I am cordobés” and dance irrepressible to the rhythm. of their songs.

What the Mona Giménez had not achieved was the colt with a sudden but lasting explosion. He brought some of the essence of Cordoba to every corner of the country, invaded with joy, color and music even the most reluctant and, at the peak of his success, he left as soon as he had arrived.

Rodrigo did everything quickly, intensively, and left his smile and mischievous gaze immortalized as perpetual testimony of his magic. He made the quartet not only Cordoba, but also Argentine. After all, somehow, we look alike, don't we?

 I am Cordoba, I like wine and screw it and 

 I drink it without soda 

 because that's how it hits more, it hits more, it hits more. 

 I'm Cordoba, and I like dances 

 and I feel in the air 

 if I have to sing. 

 From the city of the most beautiful women, 

 from the fernet, from the birra, early morning. 

 I am Cordoba, and I am without documents 

 because I have the accent of Cordoba capital. 

Publication Date: 18/04/2018

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