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How is tango dancing?

Watching a couple who dances tango is a show that no one wants to miss. Did you know there are two ways to dance it? We tell you what they are.


Like any other dance, one can learn to dance tango. But once basic movements are handled, you also have to learn to  feel tango . That's not the same. Tango requires a  connection between the couple , these are two intertwined bodies, in dialogue. But  how is  tango dancing?  There are two ways to do this: walking or with figures.

The tango walked

 The tango walked is the most danced in the  milongas  . In this variant, the embrace is always closed: the couple dances with the upper part of the body glued. It consists of moving around the track in an anti-clockwise direction, walking to the beat of music, and interspersing in the walk eights, ornaments and some simple figures. This type of tango is closed: it is danced inward, isolating from the outside.  It focuses on music and on the couple. 

Walking tango has a lot of  improvisation , which is happening with the feeling of  music . The woman permanently follows the mark of the man, which is not easy considering, precisely, that he is improvising his steps. That is why it is so important  to dance very close  and learn to mark, especially with the torso. It is also possible to use your hands, arms and even legs.

Tango with figures

 Tango with figures  is the one that is danced in the ballroom dance halls. It's the one we usually see at   tango shows  . It is structured, like other dances, in base step and figures: the base step is constantly made and the figures that the couple know how to perform are interspersed. The embrace is open, after all to perform figures it is necessary to separate from the couple. The marking is usually done with your hands and arms. Tango with figures is danced  outward : dancers are more aware of the outside than music.  It is a tango less sense than walking, but more showy and spectacular. 

Publication Date: 23/03/2020

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By: Rodrigo Manuel 29 January, 2020

pongan mas de tango, esta buenísimo el sitio, es la biblia nacional Rodri

By: Redacción 30 January, 2020

En respuesta a

Hola Rodrigo! Gracias por seguirnos y tus sugerencias! Todos los días hay nuevo contenido en el sitio. Saludos! ????

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