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Happy 77, Pocho!

The mendocino singer-songwriter Pocho Sosa turns 77 years old. He is one of the top representatives of Argentine popular culture.


With the quality of his music and the eloquence of his lyrics, many will be able to imagine that Pocho Sosa is a musician from an early age. That at the age of 4 or 5 he was given his first guitar and, from that moment, he did not stop until he became a  popular reference. But no,  Carlos Alberto Sosa didn't know he would be a top-notch musician until he turned 17. 

He was born on July 17, 1943 in the  City of Mendoza , where he spent all his childhood and adolescence. Sosa's case was not typical of musicians, those who grew up within a family of music fans. On the contrary,  none of his relatives were related to that area.  

 There is no bad that for good it does not come 

A disease was the trigger for Pocho Sosa's career.  At age 17 he had a hepatitis disease that forced him to stay at rest for almost 2 months. At that time of full boredom, his parents gave him a  guitar  , beginning, thus, a close relationship with the six strings. Once he recovered, during those years he alternated his guitar hobby with his work as a banking.

During the 1960s, Pocho Sosa left what was a hobby to turn it into his lifestyle. He traveled to Buenos Aires and joined different bands such as  Los Picunches and the vocal  quartet  Huanta . Years later, with the company Phillips, he recorded his first songs such as “Teresa, la niña” and “When me see so”. These works were presented in theaters, radios and television channels.

Already in 1982 he definitely abandoned his position in the bank and launched his solo career in full, and started with everything. For 4 months he traveled 22 states of the United States , performing at Universities and concluding in the Golden Hall of the UN. He also visited countries such as Canada, Chile and Spain.

 Your Achievements 

Pocho Sosa has recorded 15 own studio albums, but has also participated in numerous collaborations with Mendoza and national artists. For example,  he accompanied  Mercedes Sosa  on his album Corazón libre, with “Tonada de autumno”.  

In 2011 he received the distinction of  Ilustrious Citizen  from the City Municipality.  While, in 2013, the provincial legislature recognized him for his 50 years of experience.  In that same year a mural with his image was painted in the department of Godoy Cruz.

 Private life 

Pocho Sosa has stated many times about the taste he has for family life.  He is married to Pochi Zimmermann, with whom he had Ailén and LiHué . He's even grandpa. He is also a person very loved by his neighbors in streets  Mitre and Pedro Molina , where he currently resides. Sosa has shared stages with artists such as Antonio Tormo, Polish Goyeneche, Santiago Ayala and Norma Viola,  Los Chalchaleros , Luis Landriscina, Virginia Lago, Tito Francia, Armando Tejada Gomez, Cuchi Leguizamón, Inti Illimani,  Leon Gieco  and Damian Sanchez.


On March 15, 2018, Pocho sosa lived a  very hard episode in terms of his health . He was watching a football match, when the salsa pot that he held in his hand was released and his arm was numb. His daughter quickly called emergencies and was transferred to El Carmen Hospital, and then to Espanol. To this day, Sosa recognizes and appreciates the work of health professionals who saved her life and, moreover, left him without any sequel. So he's working on his next album.

Publication Date: 17/07/2020

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