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Folklore festival continues in Santa Fe

The traditional Guadalupe Folklore Festival will take place on 17 and 18 January. A free and supportive event for the whole family.


January is the month of folklore in Santa Fe. A week after the  Fisherman's Festival , on  Friday 17 and Saturday 18 January, the  traditional Festival will take place in the esplanade of the Basilica of Guadalupe Folk in honor of the Virgin, Patroness of the City.

During two evenings with  free access , dozens of singers, ensembles and ballets will meet in the north of Santafesino. It is important to note that the  Basilica  takes advantage of the massive event to ask attendees for donations to those who need it most. On this occasion, disposable diapers for children and non-perishable food are being requested.

 Almost suspended 

This will be the   32nd edition  of the meeting. It is always done with free access, but counting, to be able to display such scenery and sound, with important state and private support. The national economic situation was about to cause the  Festival to be suspended, because the contribution that would be received on this occasion was scarce.

Finally, after meetings of the organizing committee and appealing to the goodwill of many artists who would reduce their cachet, the Festival will end up taking place, but only in two evenings (historically there were three).


On Friday 17 the Ballet La Urdimbre, Ángeles Deló, Andrés Clerc, Francisquito Almada, Los Caldenes, Fabricio Rodríguez and Coty Hernández will perform.

On Saturday 18 will participate the Ballet Yapeyú, Araceli Tano, Identidad, Efrain Colombo, Ceibales de Salta, Los Campedrinos and La Cantada.

As always, the organization clarifies that  the use of personal chairs and chairs is allowed  , but  they rent  chairs on site at a popular price, which, in this particular circumstance, especially helps to cover costs.

Check out the full billboard and all the information about the event on their  official website. 

 About Guadalupe 

In honor of the  Mexican vocation  of the Virgin, Patroness of Santa Fe, the neighborhood where the Temple is erected bears the same name. It is one of the most residential and beautiful areas of the city and unfolds, from the waterfront and the Setúbal lagoon, a couple of kilometers to the west. The Basilica, visited every year by hundreds of thousands of faithful, has a huge esplanade where the parishionry congregates on important liturgical dates. In addition, it acts as an “open-air stadium  ” for the traditional folk encounter.

Publication Date: 16/01/2020

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