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Fiu: interprovincial music

A band that breaks with all genres, to generate one's own. Fiu is interprovincial and takes us to travel with his music.


  Sanjuanino-Cordobesa   , the band that points high and flies away. It is a musical ensemble that was born recently and   sweeps away with his productions.   Its members, from San Juan, choose the province of Córdoba to carry out their career as musicians.

  Fiu   has Lautaro Montaño Guevara in voice and syntes and Agustín Montaño Guevara on guitar and choirs. Jan González on guitar, Pablo Herrera Guevara on bass and Federico Samat on drums. Together, they make their dream come true and grow as a musical group,   adding followers from all over the country.  

With claw, passion and, above all, talented, they launched   his first EP   called   Like Last night   which is available on the best-known platforms. This production is going to be a   local hitazo   . It can be heard on   Spotify and YouTube   . Fiu's themes are reproduced throughout the national territory. The songs that make up the EP are three:”   Like Last Night,” “Dragon City” and “Lov10.”  


Its main settings are the bars of Güemes   together with local artists   and exceptional audiences. In turn, they recorded with the production of   Sofar Sounds from Cordoba   , I find it resulted in an incredible session.

  The music of a landscape  

  “Inspired by the river, desert and mountain, they travel and merge elements of indie rock, pop, funk, among others, creating a fresh and new scene without a marked horizon.”   This is how Fiu presents us with the legend that describes them in the   Spotify platform.  


So these musicians   transcend borders,   draw us stunning panoramas with their soundtracks. They take us on a sublime tour through the various landscapes of our Argentina, musicalizing the trip.   Fiu is an incipient hit band,   which is characterized by breaking down the barriers of musical genres and the boundaries of imagination.

Fiu is a band that is driven day by day to continue growing, recording and playing.

Always vibrating high!

Publication Date: 16/08/2020

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