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Electronics in the temple of the opera

Electronic music at the Colón Theatre. Which, until a few years ago, would have seemed crazy.


 Electronic music at the Colón Theatre. Which, until a few years ago, would have seemed crazy, happened only a few months ago. The material and intellectual author of the event is the most recognized Argentine  DJ of all time:  Hernán Cattaneous .

Prejudices surround the  electronic genre from its very beginning. Who does not remember, perhaps, the lapidary “Find an honest job” that  Pappo  launched to DJ Deró on the Nicolás Repetto program? However, at both national and international levels, this genre was diversified, gaining fans and, at least, the acceptance of those who had declared, like Pappo, that that was not music.

 Cattáneo took Argentine electronic music to its highest level: with 35 years of experience and 11 albums released, he is the author of about 30 singles and 50 remixes. He managed to prove, too, that  dance is much more than electronic parties and pills. It's nothing more and nothing less than his way of making  art . And, as such, he arrived at the  Columbus , where he brought the most heterogeneous public that has stepped on that building in its more than a century of existence.

There, with his show  Connected , he merged the classics of  electronic music — which formed him from the beginning of his career until today — with  symphonic arrangements and an  orchestra of 50 musicians in alive. Sign that times, fortunately, are changing.

Publication Date: 19/05/2018

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