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Electronic cumbia from Mendoza to the world

As a new proposal of the Mendoza platform at Casa, the electronic cumbia band Faauna puts its material to consume on demand.

Different styles, different ways of expressing art. That's what the cultural content platform is all about   Mendoza at Casa   .   On Friday the 22nd it was Faauna's turn. After dance specials,     folklore     , rock, rap and songs, the electronic cumbia came.   This pioneer duo of the genre proposes from psychedelic cumbia to   dembow   , well down, they add to the increasingly appropriate repertoire for the track.

The band has a   Cristian Del Negro as founder and brain of the project since 2003   . Therefore, they have been doing more than 14 years   cumbia electronic   .   Four LP, in addition to EP, many singles and collaborations support this project that has known how to make culture of the genre   . Many dance floors in the world can confirm that this Argentine duo knows how to make us   dance   with body and mind.


  A new formation is a upgrade for the band  

  Estefi Spark, who danced in Faauna since 2011, is now the other 50% at the microphone.   Female power and   raps   Strong joins the crazy rhythms to which Faauna has accustomed to lovers of the genre.

Faauna's story begins in 2004, at the foot of the   mountain   in Mendoza.   Lovers of fast electronics such as jungle and the drum and bass , bears and nerds loving, Cristian Del Negro and Federico Rodríguez began to think how about... How about mixing people's music cool with the music of the villas of Argentina, how about mixing electronics with cumbia.   And that's where it all starts with the new genre called electronic cumbia.

Cumbia of the jungle and   drum and bass   of the ghetto were the first labels for this project. With club sound and lyrical inspired by fantasy, light and lots of metaphysics, they opened a new door in the   sounds   of the global ghetto.

  In 2008, they released their first album under the     stamp z     Z     K     Records and everything changed   . The game became reality and they, a reference and inspiration for a new generation of musicians.

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