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El Polaco: “I never stayed in the comfort of checking in with easy things”

The musician, who after a decade and a half changed his record label, continues to publish new singles, now for Sony Music, and actively prepares for “The Showmatch Academy 2021”.

El Polaco

When it comes to appearing before an audience, it is obvious that having a stage name greatly favors if the original nomenclature complicates pronunciation even for those who are often handled with grammatical challenges. Something like this will have happened two decades ago to Ezekiel Iván Cwirkaluk, an inescapable benchmark of tropical music that achieved success, recognition and deep popular support, who foreseeing or anticipating these possible complications when it comes to identifying himself very quickly and simply with his followers made the very right decision to present themselves to others as “ El Polaco ”, a success to more than 20 years of a career full of success and happened in the music world. Giving every step the best, without falling asleep on the laurels and laburating much more than young people who start a profession, the musician achieved in two decades of enormous work an outstanding place in a music industry that never gives anything to anyone. Having reached a privileged position on the tropical scene, thanks to his songs, his charisma on stage and an aesthetic context that countless women celebrate in any public event that arises his presence, “Mr. Cwirkaluk” for all national records today enjoys the honeys of being “ El Polaco ”, a laburant all-terrain who does not believe it and who understood that staying after so long demands him more than expected.


The last five years for the young singer and songwriter meant a moment of changes and risks he had to take in order not to fall asleep on the laurels reached, at which, even with the benefits he could have a good response without changing his commitments, he raised the bet and divorced the label record record where he became famous for almost 15 years of professional work. That phase of his career coincided with his entry into the hard audiovisual world where he participated in some TV fiction, but the place where he got an appropriate space to show himself without any kind of gadgets and make it clear that these challenges seduce him more than when he started his great musical history, was participating as one of the many contestants of “Bailando”, modality of “ShowMatch” that got him the forcefulness of the cathodic stardom and a backing for his immeasurable work. After that experience, he entered the cinema with a small but fun participation in the film “27 — El Club de los Malditos”, where he shared some scenes with renowned actor Diego Capusotto. His growth in other artistic specialties had his next chapter when he was encouraged to the burners of “Masterchef Celebrity”, great participation that found him placed among the six finalists, cooking on screen with a lot of exterity and sapience, to the surprise of many. The challenge now, having received different offers for the small screen, will be to return to “ShowMatch”, but with this “Academy” format. Hours before participating in this cycle and while continuing with his musical occupations, Ezekiel Iván Cwirkaluk, better known as El Polaco, spoke with Ser Argentino in an extensive exclusive interview and held the following statements:


 Your future in the coming weeks will have you with the commitment to “ShowMatch”, but at the beginning of the year you republished a new single. What can you tell about this phase of your career where, instead of releasing a full album, you preferred to go single by single?  

 El Polaco:  That is no longer used to release the entire album, they are the new strategies that there are with this to release song by song until four or five singles are completed from a record. At the beginning of the year we published a new song, it is called “El Regalo”, the song I recorded with the special participation of Natalie Perez, came to record, she sings very well and already has two albums published, she was doing many dates before the pandemic, has everything to make a good place in this industry. When we had finished the music and lyrics we realized that it was a song for her to sing, “El Regalo” is about a couple who is determined to whiten their love, something that both will do no matter the consequences of that decision. In addition, she put a lot of vibes to the song, without a doubt it was the key to making the song the meaning we were looking for, she is very laborative and supported us in every idea, there was good chemistry and in the video clip she turned on with all her knowledge as an actress, a laburazo that ended with very good result.


The Polish


 When everyone expected three years ago a record totally related to what you were doing, a track was known that marked a break with what you were doing, something began to sound on the radios something with a very different aesthetic than you always did. At what point did you make the determination to modify the DNA of your works?  

 El Polaco:  Since 2018 that I am experiencing a transition phase, it was several months since I started recording the new for this project, because after being fourteen years in a very popular record company, I decided to move on to Sony Music, the change was timely for what I felt, I really feel very happy, very happy. At that end of the year came out “Ruka Move”


 Because of the number of seasons you posted on Magenta, you were almost like a historical heritage part of the label, weren't you?  

 The Polish:  ... of course. Of course, I was 14 years in Magenta, many months ago I've been reinventing myself, looking for new sounds, it's not difficult to “reinvent” Polish, always reinvented, I was always a person with challenges, if I put to think a few years ago, I was never going to imagine that I was going to be in it” Dancing”, being three years, finally being in a play two years in Carlos Paz, making a film with Diego Capusotto and other renowned actors, what happened to me in 2020 with “Masterchef Celebrity” on Telefe. The truth if I start thinking I can't believe it, I always had challenges, I didn't stay in the comfort of keeping billing with the easy maneuver, that was the obvious thing, keep recording with the same bases, the same sounds as usual, naturally that would work, because all the time it worked. What I want to do in this new stage of my life, while the essence is always mine, is to look for new things and sounds to keep growing, right?


 Does it weigh you at this point in your career to be one of the legendary singers of that genre? At that time of consecration, there were many names and figures of weight.  

 El Polaco:  It doesn't weigh me, it's more, I take it as an example for the other guys who are dating, for all the people who like to sing, who are in love with music like me many years ago. That is, everything has its moment, everything has its place, fashions are happening, you always have to look for something new so as not to bore the public, and that you also don't get bored in what you do, if you want to do it why not?... In this new stage of my life, in my career I am preparing different things, no topic is the same.


 Because of the change needs you just detailed, did you have the feeling that at some point your profession was becoming routine, almost like an office stuff and saturated with bureaucratic situations?  

 El Polaco:  Fourteen years ago an entire album was recorded with the same sounds, the same bases and similar arrangements, from the first track to number fifteen. Then it was changing the whole subject, I join that change, not falling into boring, that which becomes monotonous, trying to do new things. I have eight or nine songs that are recorded, all prepared for this new project and they're all different. You're not going to find a topic like another. There are no connection points between “Ruka”, that single from 2018 and the things I have prepared. There are bowling songs, more for the night, for summer, also always in many of my previous albums towards more themes linked to the romantic, testimonial songs, but here I wanted to do something more fun, something more for the summer, taking more advantage of the atmosphere and the sounds of bowling, but the other songs I have ready have nothing to do with certain singles that appeared. There is a new topic where I change to four different bases, a little reggaeton, a little trap, a little cumbia, because cumbia is always there. Cumbia is always going to be. Cumbia will always be because it's the one who gave me everything. I'm always starting with cumbia, then I'm going to start distorting the sounds a little and see what comes out to do new things.


The Polish


 How do you manage with all the technology used by trap and urban genre?  

 El Polaco:  Truth, I was lucky to cross on this new path to the people of “3 Music”, who are the producers of Lali (Esposito) and who also record trap, they are guys who have it very clear, it was a fusion of what I have years ago, cumbia, and they with the new sounds and their new things, it's a very interesting merger, because they had never done cumbia.


 It's a very interesting fusion, because you came from the time when the songs of an album were recorded on a two-inch tape on an open reel.  

 El Polaco:  Yes, “Una de cal” I did it like this, today anyone records at home, but it's good to always mess with people who know.


 Did you also apply the reinvention format to your show format?  

 El Polaco:  I never do a show the same, they are always different and they are evolving according to how I see people, I have shows for older people who will know me the songs that are older, but I also have shows for teenagers who know the newest topics. The good thing I have to play in that situation, is that I can make a song that I recorded in 2004, when I released my first album “Una de cal” until the songs I got in 2006, 2007 or 2008, and now until 2017 that I got a hit again, I'm playing with people, with what they want to hear at the moment. from the show, it's good because I allow several people to have a great time.


The Polish


 You recorded with the “Lovebirds” “Give me your love.” How was that experience?  

 El Polaco:  Spectacular, I'm not a basic person who says “no! I do that kind of cumbia and that's it! “I think everything goes in person, if you're a closed person and you're all the time thinking that yours is the best thing there is, that the rest is a shit, it's always going to be the same. I mean, I like “Agapornis”, I like Los Totora, at the time I liked Rombai, I know that when I recorded with the “Lovebirds” it was like a cimbronazo, but I don't care what others think, I care what I do, which are things I do with love for people. Everything that is done with love, that is done with love, is received with love. It can cost a little more, maybe because it's hard for the person's ear to get into that new concept.


 Did the appearance of those artists make you think about what was going on with that music?  

 Polish:  Look, times are changing, you have to change yourself at once, if you keep what you were doing 15 years ago, obviously something is happening, I don't know if changing, but you have to mutate, trying to be the same, but with another wave. It's keeping identity with changes, because people want to hear what's new. He wants to hear new sounds, if you don't stay in time.


 Before these seasons with operational restrictions, you were gathering in all your shows real crowds. In addition to the pandemic, what does it mean to generate joy to people for two hours even though the world at that time is mashed?  

 El Polaco:  The truth, I always say it, is that beautiful is this work that God gave me, of trying to bring joy to people, I also have fun, because when you get on a stage you lose yourself in a lot of spectacular sensations that one can live and only the one who lives it honestly can tell. It is important to still have nerves before going on stage, the one who feels the pressure to want to give the public what they deserve, it's beautiful, it's magical. I remember once we played in front of 70,000 people in La Plata and it was the time that with the most people I played. It was on an anniversary of the city and that's quite a challenge, but playing for one and playing for 70 thousand is the same.


 It was the night Lali was acting as well. What do you think of Lali?  

 El Polaco:  Lali is a genia, breaks it and part of all this that is happening to me, all these changes, a new beginning that I'm living, is thanks to her, because he made my paw with Damian (Amato) from Sony Music and with the boys from 3 Music. She's a genia, she's a great artist, I had the opportunity to see her when she did her last Luna Park, I feel she's the artist who has the most international show of ours in this country.


The Polish


 You talked about the modifications in the last decade. From that strict point of view, what changes did you propose to transform the singer into a dancer for the ShowMatch cycle when you were summoned?  

 The Polish:  Nooooo forget, there you realize that the head of a human being fits all circumstances, because if I thought years ago, I didn't imagine it. By generating that change, as much as you think that managing the live stage can help you when dancing, I swear that on television sometimes entered with the changed step (laughter), it's not the same, it's a mistake to think yes. The human being before something like that says, “If you sing, you have to be able to do something like that, but no, it's a mistake. I said, “Well, if I sing, I have to dance,” nothing to see, these are two things totally opposed. It's like in music, the timpani is totally different than the drums, they look like the same instrument because it is percussion, you listen to the timbaletero and it is hard to play drums and the drummer is hard to play the timpani. Eye, whoever plays well, touches everything. In some sense there wasn't a smpty to help me dance. It took me two months to start making a step, there is also the fact that one does not feel fish in the water. I have to sing and I do it many years ago, like that's part of me, it comes out. But dancing, it's like you're stressed, you never did. Imagine that I came to the final and learned eight choreographies, look like the head of the human being, if you want, can.


 Were you worried about the “war” context from the verbal in which these phases of a dance contest on television take place? That can be repeated now with the new format of “The Academy”, can't it?  

 El Polaco:  Well, that's what gives you some adrenaline, nerves, because if you were at home dancing with your dancer, even if it is you dance and laugh, but you know everything has to do, there is a “war” team and there are also people who want you to go wrong. Talking things on that show that don't have to do with dancing is part of the game. It's part of the game, you have to know that, if you cheer up, you encourage everything, “if you like peach, put up with the fluff”, you already know where you're getting into. One has to keep doing things there with a clear conscience, focused on what is going, on the axis, if you are a person who has nothing to hide, you quietly move on.


 It was fun to see you playing a particular character in the film “27-El Club de los Malditos”, that funny film you made with Diego Capusotto.  

 Polish:  It was simply great, being able to participate in such a film is a great gift of destiny. I was excited when they told me that I was going to make in the film a punk-rock singer, I'm a person that I like everything, I'm a chick, I never say no, if you go wrong or you do well, well, there they. But you do it with desire, if you do it with desire, the audience catches it cute, take it well.


 How was the experience of sharing a film with Diego Capusotto, a huge and renowned legend of humor?  

 El Polaco:  Working with Diego Capusotto, with Daniel Araoz, what more can you ask for?... they are geniuses, I love them, they are spectacular actors, Diego Capusotto a rehumble person, crack, you saw that, if you have admiration... there are people you can have admiration for what they were or what they were showing, but when you know them you say “for What the hell did I know him? “... that you think it's better not to know him. Well, this is a person you know her and you say, “Crazy, add! ”, like many rock singers I know, that I'm knowing, there I realize that we are made of the same wood.


 What did you think of that theme of the film that alluded to all the music celebrities who died when they were 27?  

 El Polaco:  When I was 27, I also had that crap, obviously, because it gets in your head that you can die at 27, wave “if you pass 27 you reach 40” (laughter), but you're afraid. That's wrong, getting people into that fear, of the age of 27, because you live them with a shit, but good now I'm 34 (laughs).


 Of those singers who died at that age, does anyone draw your attention?  

 El Polaco:  Well, Rodrigo died at the age of 27, a very close example, very ours, it's weird, how strange it is all!...


The Polish


 Would you ever do movies again, even if it doesn't have to do with the musical context?  

 El Polaco:  Yes, I love it, I recorded a series called “Millennials”, a fiction where I was a criminal, never a doctor, never a lawyer (laughter), but I loved to be sumed from Net TV to do it, I have the best with producers, when they offer it to me, I don't say no because these are nice things I'm gonna have for the rest of my life. The original idea was for me to participate in a chapter, but as it worked, they called me to do the final part. It's good, he's picaron. I always like to be on TV and acting, as much as I don't do that, it's one of the things I like the most, because you're an actor all the time in your life, right? It's also playing to be someone else.


 With whom in the rock music world do you have contact within the profession?  

 El Polaco:  I get along very well with the boys of Jokers, the truth that these children are geniuses from La Plata, Young Pordioseros,  Calamaro , with Andrés always talk, I show you my themes, my songs, he is an extremely humble and very polite person, you can not believe it, I tell him a lot about my things, he as a musician could quietly look at you with a certain distance, but no, I was also lucky enough to meet  Charly Garcia . We were in a bar, I see a gesture and warn that he calls me, I see the gesture, but I didn't know who did it, when I realize it was Charly Garcia I almost fainted. I've never seen him live, but my old man is a big fan of Sui Generis, a crazy thing. I remember that at the time, we sat together in one place and asked me to take a picture, he asked for it, I was curious about this TV character, very loud, I almost melted and he comes to me and says “stop doing crap” (laughs). “Eehh, master, you're carrying me! “, I replied (more laughter).


 Beyond what you hear about your genre, are you putting your ear on rock?  

 El Polaco:  I love it, I'm very rocker, I started in rock, well... rocker, I'm in love with music, all musical styles, I think music has its time for every moment of heart and day, there are songs for a lot of situations. The soul is taking you to listen, to feel deeper than you want to be, or to get out of that focus in which you feel, isn't it? I like NTVG, Andres Calamaro, Jokers. I like to see big things, festivals where there are foreign artists, but a lot I can not, because I always work on those dates. I work almost every weekend, but what you're interested in knowing, I went to see Paul Mc Cartney at La Plata with my manager, we screwed up cold. Jose, my manager, is a fan, Paul's show was spectacular, they're characters that break it, legends of world music, really. You see Paul at his age, doing what he likes, and when you warn how he takes things, you say “they're human beings.” They are flesh and blood, they have feeling, they live, suffer, cry, have downdrops, ups and downs like everyone. This when you have to think and decide yourself... why not? ... you can think of getting to something, I remember when I was just starting and today my little career that I was putting together, little by little. What we have in common with Paul is that we both take singles, the idea for the moment is to keep releasing single songs, for me it would be a pleasure to publish a full album by Sony, it is something beautiful if it happens. This posting topic by topic, accompanying it with videos and making promotion of each single is very good, everything is more neat. The music industry I think it evolved, we don't have to stay, you have to hold on to good things and people who know.


 How do you get along with the media that instead of coming to interview you for the artistic point to the sensationalist or dark of your career? They're always looking for that side in your artistic career.  

 Polaco:  Well, when you know they're coming to face you like this, somehow you try to shield yourself from that attitude, I think everyone has their armor, and when you're part of the show, people will always come to ask you, it's up to you to answer or not answer. Sometimes you don't feel like answering questions they ask you, but hey, it's part of this. I think that if you grow, grow, grow and grow, things come around and you have to bench them, because it's part of the game.

Publication Date: 23/04/2021

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