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Discépolo, the philosopher of tango

Enrique Santos Discépolo composed tango lyrics that surprise with his reflections on the Buenos Aires society of his time.


 Enrique Santos Discépolo  gave  tango    some of his most emblematic songs. The lyrics of his subjects are even cited in academic documents. “Yira, yira”, “  Cambalache  ”, “Uno” and “ Cafetín de Buenos Aires ” are some of their reflections on human life in the twentieth century.

And, sadly, they remain unbelievable in the 21st century.

That the world was and will be
a crap, I know
in the five hundred
and six And in the two thousand, also
That there
have always been squirts
Machiavelles and scams Gentle and bitter
Men and Dubles
But that the twentieth century
It is a display
Of insolent maldah
There is no one who denies it anymore
We live wandering in a meringue
And in the same mud
Everybody groseaos
Today it turns out that it's the same right
being as a traitor
Ignorant, wise, jet
Generous or swindler
Everything is the same!
Nothing is better!
Same a donkey
That a great teacher There is
no postponaos or scalafón
The ignorant have us equalao
If one lives in imposture
And another steals in his ambition Just as he is
a priest
Colchonero, King of Bastos
Caradura or stowaway
What a lack of respect that
...eacute; run over reason!
Anyone is a gentleman
Anyone is a thief
Mizao with Stavisky
Don Bosco and La Mignon Don Chicho and
Napoleon Carnera
and San Martín Same

as in the stained glass window

crying The Bible
Next to a heating Twentieth
century, cambalache
Problematic and feverish
The one who does not cry does not mama
And the one who does not want is a gil
Give it, just!
Give it, it's going!
That there in the furnace
we're going to find us!
Do not think more, sit a lao
That nobody matters if you were born honor
It is the same thing who works
Night and day like an ox
That he who lives from others That he who kills,
that he who heals
Or is out of the law

Enrique Santos Discépolo - Cambalache

Publication Date: 16/07/2019

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