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Did you know this song isn't from the Green Enanitos?

The song called “Lamento boliviano” is one of the most famous of the band from Mendoza. However, Los Dwarfs Verdes are not its creators.


 The Green Enanitos are, by scandal, the most important rock band in Mendoza's history. And, surely, one of the most outstanding, and with the most trajectory, of   national rock . And while they have many successes that catapulted them to the big stages, some are not their authorship, such as “Lamento boliviano”. Yeah, the one that says, “Baby don't comb in bed, that the travelers are going to be late.”

The band led by Marciano Cantero and Felipe Staiti has 40 years of history, and they continue to fill stages here and there, in Argentina and Mexico. Singles like  “Your old cards”, “The green wall” or “My first day without you” are some of the best known, and their authorship. But there are many others that don't. For example, “Luz de día” or “Tu jail” are songs composed and performed by other artists,  before the Green Enanitos.

However, there is one case that is the most eloquent. As one of the three most famous songs of the Mendoza rockstars,  “Lamento boliviano” is an anthem of our music. However, success is due to another Mendoza band: Ethyl Alcohol. 

 History of the song 

It was  recorded by   Alcohol Etílico  in 1986  , and included in the album Envasado en origen in  the same year, being also one of the tracks national dissemination of this work.

 But the best known version is a single by the Enanitos Verdes, included in their seventh studio album titled   Big Bang  , released in 1994. Horacio Gómez played as keyboardist both versions (Alcohol and Enanitos), given that he was a member of Alcohol Ethyl at the time when he was composed and keyboardist of Enanitos Verdes at the time of recording the 1994 version. The song quickly became a hit throughout Latin America.

 The Dwarf theme broke the whole thing. By February 2020, it was the most listened Argentine rock song  on Spotify . In addition, on YouTube, among all the videos that the song shows, there are 450 million views.  

Publication Date: 20/08/2020

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By: Juan Carlos Mendiry 24 June, 2020

Luz De día es de Enanitos Verdes, ya que fue compuesta por Felipe STAITI y COTI Sorokin. Se publicó en 1999 formando parte del disco Néctar, producido por COTI. COTI por su parte grabó otra versión con su Banda y se publicó recién en 2012.

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