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Cumbia in DNA

In cars, houses and businesses in the city, you hear cumbia all day. Many of the great Argentine ensembles emerged from here.


The biggest ones say that, when cumbia arrived in Argentina and they sounded Los Wawancó at some party, the couple who knew how to dance it  was very refined  and well looked at. It was something delicate, novel. How did this Colombian rhythm become the music of the poor Argentines par excellence is a  long process of counting  and perhaps not very easy to understand. Not to mention the twist of the last decades: the villera, Uruguayan, cheta, electronic variants...

The truth is that  the  santafesino is re cumbiero .  But bad! This is the same thing that happens in Córdoba with the  quartet  and even, perhaps, greater, because of the national and international impact that some of the interpreters originating in the city of Santa Fe and surrounding areas have.

 The Palm Trees , Cali, Joy, Kaniche, La Contra, Groupera, Klandestinos, Coti, Trinity, Los del Fuego, Mario Pereyra, Leo Mattioli. These are just a few names of the main cumbia groups and soloists that emerged from here. These are artists with  great repercussions in the Argentine and even world tropical move  (separate paragraph for the recent phenomenon of  Los Palmeras and Colón ).

Every day, when you walk through the streets of the city, you hear the characteristic sound of bass and percussion, which grows as a car approaches cumbia is heard. The scene is repeated in bowling, parties, background music in business, family gatherings, offices...  this  rhythm  sounds everywhere .

All fanatics?

Are we all the  Santafesinos  fans of cumbia? No, not at all. But we all recognize it as a central part of our  culture . From our idiosyncrasy Cumbia as everyone's fun. As a job of some. Like  joy and passion  of the poor.

In Santa Fe, whether we like it or not, we carry cumbia in the  DNA .

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Publication Date: 18/05/2020

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