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Culture does not stop in Buenos Aires

Let's live culture, the city's new content platform, vibrates with “Perfect Formulas”, a celebration of the diversity and talent of artists

This Friday 27 November is the second date of “Formulas Perfectas”, a cycle that brings together the most notable, most innovative women of Argentine music. Excellent performers, wonderful voices, that will enhance the popular songbook, traditional and contemporary, in unrepeatable show from the Usina del Arte. And to enjoy the families of Buenos Aires neighbors, and the country and the world, in the comfort of their homes while we continue to take care of each other. And culture doesn't stop.

“I was very happy to go out and go to a stage, on a stage with the forcefulness of that place. It is a very beautiful place” exclaims  Hilda Lizarazu , singer, songwriter and photographer who put women in rock at the front, and with a lucid look at the current time of musicians who return to work in halls vaca.Iacute; as, “As for the absence of public, already at this point of the “new normal”, after seven or eight months, I wouldn't tell you I got used to it but I knew it was going to be so. From another glance, empty spaces of culture have another magic, too, and everything that resonated in that space returns. That acoustics that the plant has to reverberate the different shades is moving. Empty spaces, auditoriums and theaters have their magic,” says on the step of optimism Hilda, who will be accompanied by Sonia Álvarez, an outstanding harpist who shone on stages in Argentina and Latin America.

Sonia is an old acquaintance of Hilda because she was her collaborator on the album “Las vueltas de la vida” and did magic in the song “Iguazú”, one of the songs chosen by Lizarazu for the streaming feature. “When they came up with “Perfect Formulas”, I was consulted with which other artist I wanted to share this special show set, and as I respect her very much as an artist and composer, I quickly thought of Sonia. If we were going to share the concert, the ideal was to do my “Iguazú” and add a song of it where she plays and sings, “Tierra Colorada”, advances the artist who will also be accompanied by Luna Sujatovich, Luciana Torfano, Silvina Colagiovanni and Diana Arias, the stable band of the cycle, and it closes with a jewel that will delight a continent, “After making a song of each one, we were urged to face a classic from that Argentine-Paraguayan area and we chose the historic “Memories of Ypacaraí”, a guaraña of the fifties. It is a classic from Paraguay composed of Zulema de Mirkin and was recorded, produced and recorded in different languages.It was also part of a film that was made in Mexico, has a long history and I liked to sing it, what better than doing it with Sonia and her harp, wasn't it?”. A fancy for a Friday night.

With a first date where Ayelén Zucker, Charo Bogarín and Marlene Luque performed, “Perfect Formulas” is a flowering courtyard of cultures and traditions, “La Usina del Arte's new proposal will bring together a group of women artists with a repertoire that will build a common territory, unite á n to enhance their diversity, while preserving their powerful identity. It will be a meeting in which artists will question talking about them but at the same time representing them all. We seek to enhance talent, keep our roots alive and generate an enriching experience that merges our customs and traditions with new generations and sounds”, in the words of the Minister of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, Enrique Avogadro. Vivi Cantoni, Undersecretary of Cultural Management of the City, said that “This series of concerts is one of the most beautiful we are going to carry forward. “Perfect Formulas” is the combination of women with different stories, moments and musical genres that embrace, accompany and share their same love: music. This is being a  woman in today's industry  ,  growing together and learning from others  . Digital recitals are coming to get excited from home,” the official advances the dates that will then feature Kris Alaniz, a leader among Latin American hip hop women, Kaleema, a composer who travels the world with classical instruments and technology, and singer Nashi Nashi Nashi. The artists will perform “Mi publito” by Kris, a Kaleema instrumental with Kris, and all together “The leaves have moving”.

Fifteen days later, Oriana Favaro and Mariana Bianchini will bring to the stage the melodies of “Sister Twin”, “Lamento della Ninfa” by Claudio Monteverdi, and “Summertime” by Porgy and Bess, George Gershwin's classic. Great talents, consecrated artists and to discover, come in the summer, in the next functions of an initiative of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Culture that is committed to  diversity  and the artistic encounter of Argentines.

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To schedule:

Friday 27 November at 8 pm, Hilda Lizarazu and Sonia Álvarez 

Rating: 5.00/5.