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De Paoli says, “But live football,” and I say, “But live rock.”


De Paoli says, “But live football,” and I say, “But live rock.” But real rock, like the one that these virtuosos left us in each of their instruments and in the difficult task of making them all sound harmoniously together.

It was 1966 in London, right there the planets lined up leaving us as a result of this cosmic trio, the meeting in a group that for me is the world team of rock.

The best bass player, Jack Bruce: he never missed a note and gave you the rhythmic base you had to follow. Ginger Baker looked like an octopus on his drums, providing rhythms that no one would imagine were harmonic. And, of course, Eric Clapton: what can be said about this guy? What is one of the best three guitarists in history? That you have an inhuman taste to combine chords? Where her voice rings you identify her without seeing her? You can not say anything, just listen to it and enjoy it. Although his pop facet personally tickles me, it is fair to clarify that his themes are absolutely passable because he knows how to include a subliminal quality message.

In 1968 they split up, basically because of the bad relationship between Bruce and Baker (the drummer even threatened him with a knife) doing a farewell tour.

Then Baker formed Baker's Air Force, Clapton Blind Faith and Bruce continued as a soloist. They joined in '93 when they entered the Rock Hall of Fame and in 2005 they did three concerts at the Royal Albert Hall that could be called “galas”, with an unrivaled version of Stormy Monday.

They left us 15 million copies sold, Clapton and Hendrix played together in October '66 and four albums: Fresh Cream in '66, Disraeli Gears in '67, Wheels of Fire in '68 and Good Bye in '69. They also recorded in 2005 at the Royal Albert, with DVD included.

Jack Bruce is gone, Baker has osteoarthritis and Clapton is playing less and less. It is the law of life, but there are people who should live forever because they rejoiced and accompanied us in good and bad.

Publication Date: 06/11/2018

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By: Juan Rafael Esteban Jurado (Key) 08 November, 2018

¿Quienes son los otros 2 mejores guitarristas de la historia?

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