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Charly García and his nine-story pedestal

Is it wise to take someone to idol status for things that go beyond their profession?

This time, we are going to start a section that will be interspersed in order to try to make them see the light at the end of the tunnel. And with the foundational precept of preaching in pursuit of the healing of those who elevate people to the rank of idol, not because of their professional merits, but because of attitudes "alien to their profession". Here we go!!!! We're going to locate ourselves in time and place, to give the episode the right frame. Year 2000, Mendoza province, Aconcagua hotel. In one of his rooms, Charly García was staying, who had to give a recital with Nito Mestre and Mercedes Sosa in the World Cup stadium. The afternoon passed and the "genius" was bored, so he sent himself from one to the terrace, in red shorts, an inflatable doll of the Wildcat and a CD tower with the head of a Siamese cat. As the joke would say: "I am crazy, but not stupid", first he threw the CD tower (which broke into a thousand pieces against the edge of the pool), then the wildcat (which landed in the middle of the pool). Then he looked out and asked the bathtub about the depth of the sink. The guy replied that he was ten feet tall but that he was filling up.... He didn't get to finish, that Charly was already flying from the 9th floor and landing between his back and ass. He left as if nothing had happened (it is valid to clarify that the previous day he had been prosecuted for abuse and injury and was free because he paid the bail). He just said, "It's the only sporting thing I've ever enjoyed in my life." When he arrived in Buenos Aires, he grabbed hold of journalists at the door of his house and started throwing things out the window, one of which hit a notary public in Cronica. Moral: "Just as the best player in the history of football is not a good coach, the one who for some (I don't include myself) is one of the best musicians in Argentina, he can't help but be a subnormal asshole in his daily life, far from the genius pedestal he was put on.

Publication Date: 30/06/2018

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