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Chamameceando among brothers

“Los Nunez” are a symbol of the missionary chamamé. The brothers be united. If it's for chamamecera passion, better!


Soul musicians, the Núñez brothers sow chamamé on every stage they climb. So far this year, Juan and Marcos Núñez marked their presence in the most important festivals of the folk circuit. They started participating in the Chamamé National Festival in Corrientes. One of the most important events that have the coast and the country in terms of dissemination of the genre chamamecero. Subsequently, they were invited as godparents at the Provincial Festival of Ecology in Villa Bonita (Campo Ramón).

The tour continued in the 45th edition of the Chamamé National Festival in Federal, Entre Rios province. As if this were not enough, the other day “chamamecearon” at the Provincial Chamamé Festival in Mburucuyá Corrientes.

  Brothers be united  

  Juan Ramón Núñez, bandoneonist and composer and his brother Marcos Alberto Núñez, were born in Campo Viera, province of Misiones   . The brothers, with only three years apart, were raised in a musical atmosphere. “At home we listened to a lot of chamamé or the 4 Aces, 'Rulo' Grabovieski, Luis Ángel Monzón, etc. Many people who marked a time, brought together the family and everyone danced with their music,” says Juan.

As a young age, they both begin to perform at festivals in the region and in competitions of young values. But   their great public appearance was in 1992, during the “Festival del Immigrante” in Oberá, where they won the “Revelation Award   ”. In 20 years of career “Los Núñez” they performed in the main stages of the country: the Cosquín Festival, the National Chamamé Festival of Corrientes, the Litoraleño Folklore Festival (Posadas) and many more.

Juan and Marcos have shared stages and recordings with greats of the genre such as Julio Lorman, Ramón Ayala and Chango Spasiuk. His label is embodied in songs such as “Tropero y accordionista”, “Guitar”, “Colonia Alberdi”, “Paisaje”, “Owner de los montes”, among others.

For the Nunez working between brothers is a good thing. One makes one part and the other then finishes it. One with the guitar and the other with the bandoneon.   “We tell each other everything, in adolescence it was very hard, but now we have passed that stage,”   recognizes John.



For this year they are working on a proposal called   “Coastal Athletic Club”   . The project consists of performing a music cycle in Buenos Aires once a month. They are also working on what will be the recording of their new record plate successor to the album.   3 Borders   . To all this, it adds its traditional agenda of presentations in different parts of the country.

Publication Date: 18/05/2020

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