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Against the coronavirus: Córdoba antics

Piñón Fijo wrote a song that inspires everyone to stay at home to take care of us. With Cordovan antics, we embrace ourselves in times of quarantine.


 Fabian Alberto Gómez  is the real name of the most famous Cordovan clown in the country, born in Deán Funes, Cordoba and dedicated his life to brighten children and adults. This is Piñón Fijo who, in addition to being a clown, is a  unique artist.   He is an actor, songwriter and television conductor. Throughout his career, Piñón gave jokes, smiles, shows and balloons to the whole family. With Córdoba antics and teachings from love, he came to fame.

 He started out as a street clown , who did his shows in his cap. But he came far: today it fills theaters. Children all over the country have him as a hero. They watch him on TV, sing his songs and meet all the characters that accompany him. His most famous song  is the “Chu Chu uá”.   A song that, if you're Argentine, you know yes or yes. With your nephews, daughters, or children in the family, you sure danced it. It's the choreography that unites us at all ages, and makes us laugh.  That's Fixed Pinion: Joy.  


 Family Talent 

His children were also engaged in  children's entertainment.   It's just that the skills were inherited. Today,  Solcito Fijo and Jeremiah Fijo  accompany their father giving shows with him. But they are also encouraged to go on stage alone. This family is dedicated, with its  Córdoba antics, to cheer up all the festivities.   To amuse the kids from love.

In quarantine contexts, with a somewhat daunting  world situation  , Piñón had a beautiful gesture. It's just that Córdoba antics always have a place in our hearts. And they are  the perfect strategy  to lift the spirits of an entire country, with his sympathy and creativity, Piñón composed a song that toured all Argentina. He even got to the president!

 The lyrics 

The fight is everyone's,

the reason for several

and in this battle

you are necessary.

There are many who understand

and some not so much

that we came out

with a single song.

The singing of all


becomes supportive

is stained as urgent.

If we are a whole,

also the slices,

there is no more room

for the advantages.

The fight can be

dyed with defeat

and triumph is exercised

with the broken soul

Because you fight

for one and for all

and nothing is so simple,

let's side by side

. That's why I

beg you,

never clauudiques

keep the fire alive.


good already exists

and is threatened

life is a child

asking for care


good already exists,

has been ambushed,

life is an old man

who keeps fighting

Good already exists

and we have to defend it,

we earn this

knowing us Pueblo


Publication Date: 13/04/2020

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