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A pianist who joined two generations

Lilia Salsano is a pianist who, from a very young age, has led the music of the great Santafesino composer Carlos Guastavino around the world.


Lilia Salsano is known as Lilita, in her most intimate circle. His family is made up of musicians, from previous generations to date. Her maternal grandmother, Elda Ricci, a concert artist, was her first teacher on the instrument. Motivated by her vocation, she sought improvement with teachers of the likes of Graciela Reca and Aldo Antognazzi. At an early age, he began to reap the fruits of this dedication, obtainingprizes in numerous national and international competitions. He has given concerts in several cities in Argentina, France, Paraguay, Uruguay, United States, Italy, Belgium, Brazil.

It is important to note that he has participated as a piano soloist with the provincial orchestras of Entre Ríos, Corrientes, Chaco, Mar del Plata, Universitaria de Paraguay and Academician of the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. She is currently the titular pianist of the Provincial Symphony Orchestra of Santa Fe. He is also a teacher at the Municipal Lyceum of this city. With the record label of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, she was the first pianist to perform and record Virtú Maragno's competa piano work .

Her admiration for Carlos Guastavino led her to carry out a thorough and thorough investigation of her creations, incorporating them into her extensive repertoire. Given the importance and impact of this initiative, the National Music Institute granted him the National Grant to make the recording of the author's piano workin 2016. This made her the first pianist to perform her integrally.

Who's Carlos Guastavino?

He is a highly respected figure in the world, and much loved in Santa Fe. Born in this city in 1912, to music-loving parents, at the age of four he debuted at the Municipal Theatre with piano. As a piano concertist and, after a step at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering (responding to his interest in the exact sciences), he obtained a scholarship that allowed him to improve himself in Buenos Aires. He settled there, creating many works and emphasizing the nationalist and romantic character of them. Already old, he returned to his homeland, where he died. There were many trips through different countries, cementing his reputation as a pianist, at the same time as that of composer. His vast work includes pieces for singing soloists, capella choirs, symphonic and chamber orchestras, small instrumental groups and duos. Her complete piano work had never been recorded and she is a co-provincial, the one who does it for the first time.

The interest of the pianist Salsano to investigate the work of Guastavino, and her dedication to the interpretation of this, have resulted in the union of two generations, making known to the world creation and virtuosity of two dilectos sons of Santa Fe.

Publication Date: 20/07/2020

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