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A language we all speak

Matías Ortiz is the missionary musician who speaks a new language, linking music with mantra. We tell you how he does it.


Music, like mantra, is a universal language, of those that do not need presentation. They both seek to connect with our body, our spirit and with the whole. “It does not matter if it is in Sanskrit, Spanish, English, Arabic or French, if we are looking to be better and better,” he explains.   Matias Ortiz. He is a music producer, one who is encouraged to experiment with sounds and prayers.  

But this is not the first time Ortiz unites these two recognized universal languages. The missionary musician has already composed his own songs that venture into the world of sounds and the expansion of the mind.   Composed in 2014, “Gayatri” was his first musical mantra.   The song was a furor on SoundCloud, exceeding 100,000 views. Recently released, “Ganesha Sharanam” is his third musical mantra.

  The power of mantras  

This missionary artist has a renowned musical career in the province and in the country, not only does he own his own recording studio, but also in charge of the sounds of the Teatro del Centero del Knowledge. However, despite having a busy routine,   Matías leads a lifestyle linked to meditation and healthy eating   . It was this path that led him to experiment with this new language of pop sounds and Hindu mantras over 3000 years old.

Currently, Ortiz focuses on continuing to compose mantras and trying to present them as live musical shows.   “What I imagine are more concerts to listen to and somehow let the breath come together with music   . That one can find that calm when listening to the music. Because it is very easy to connect your breath consciously with the music you are listening to,” Matías added.

While this type of mantric music may seem unpopular, Ortiz noted that there is a growing audience interested in this genre. Even in places like Posadas, where interest in yoga and oriental meditation also increased.

Publication Date: 09/06/2020

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By: Carolina 11 June, 2020

Muy interesante, Marcelo De Lisio nos acerca en sus notas personajes, historias y personas que dan placer conocer. Gracias por abrirnos la mente y compartir con nosotros, los lectores. Un saludo.

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