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A gift from Tucuman musicians

Several Tucuman musicians gave away a production where they connect from their homes to interpret the theme “Un nuevo dawn unidos”.


More than 30 musicians from various branches produced a video to give them to the Tucumanos. The original idea was an initiative of the music producer   Paul Lagarde,   who summoned the artists to record themselves in their homes singing. But the production was not so simple, since coordinating so many musicians and matching times was a hard work of those who were responsible for editing it.

With a clear message, the artists emphasized continuing to endure the quarantine that seems to spread. In turn they also showed support to professionals who cannot stay at home as their jobs are essential.

The theme chosen was   “A new dawn united”   , which is from   Fredda Lucia Correa Brugues   and it has a clear message for these periods that seem to be with many differences.

While in these times in Tucumán musical shows are suspended and with an uncertain future, this does not seem to be a reason for them, the musicians, to lower their arms. This production is a clear example of this.

  Who participated?  

The list of Tucuman musicians who sang Azul Gallia, Sofía Ascárate, Rossi Moreno, Lucía Marino, Patricia Marazza, Vale López Salas, Milu Arredondo, Vale Moreno, Mili Elli, Fredda Lucía Correa Bruges, Agustina Resino, Noelia Moalla, Pau Sanna, Juli Villavicencio, Jimena Arancibia, Zoe Piñ , Rosario Albarración, Eloisa Leiva, Melina Imhoff, Cynthia Gomez, Jose Coche, Matías Puente, Belisario Teran, Juampy Parolo, Emiliano Villagra, Jaime Collado, Agustín Agullo, Bruno G and Pablo Lagarde. The audiovisual production was in charge of the musician Juampy Parolo. In turn, the general production was the idea of Pablo Lagarde.

From social media and media, the video had a lot of impact. People welcomed it with great pleasure and thanked these productions to continue, even though everything seems to stand. Give it up for our talented Tucuman musicians.

Publication Date: 08/06/2020

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