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To Buenos Aires Chamamecero

Hernán Crespo was not born in the Litoral, but he fell in love with chamamé and today he triumphs in the world with our folklore.

Sometimes traditions are choosen: not everything is breast from the cradle.   Hernan Crespo   (who is not the footballer) was born in   Haedo City   , in the west of Buenos Aires, but fell in love with   music of the Litoral   . He's to   chamamecero   from Buenos Aires.

It's all started with an   accordion   that his grandfather had given to his father, but that the latter used only occasionally. When Hernan began to become interested in music, in his adolescence, he rescued that instrument that had always caught his attention. From then on, he never took off from him again.

Then, in his artistic quest, the sounds that came out of his accordion instinctively led him to the   chamame   . I recognized him, and began to investigate the great figures of those rhythms of our   folklore   . So, I've got a full-fledged chamamecero.

A renowned artist

In her career, she was part of the folk groups of Pepe Luna, Lorena Astudillo and Willy Gonzalez. He also shared stage or recordings with such figures as Raúl Carnota, Franco Luciani, Juan Falú, Marcelo Mogilevsky, Antonio Tarragó Ros, Adriana Varela, Kepa Junkera, Teresa Parodi, Julia Zenko, Ruben Rada, Natalia Oreiro, The Super Rats, Facundo Guevara, Bam Bam Miranda, Luis Landriscina, Rodolfo Sanchez, traditional Galician group Success Novo, Omar Mollo, Dora Juarez Kickkovsky, The Time Bomb, Angela Irene, Juan Carlos Cambas, Maria and Harvest, among others.


In addition to musician and composer, Hernan Crespo is an   Image and Sound Designer   , graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). This gave him the opportunity to combine his music knowledge with those in the audiovisual field, thanks to which he composed and recorded the   original soundtrack   of films and plays.

In 2011 I have recorded   Platform   , the first album with his own group, with which he deals with a repertoire of littoral music. This work took him to Brazil and the interior of the country, and in 2016 he released his second album:   Ports   . The album was declared   Cultural Interest   by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and, in 2017, was the winner of the   Gardel Award     for best chamamé album   . That same year, he performed on the main stage   of the Cosquín National Folklore Festival   and subsequently   toured europe   . In 2018 he was chosen by   Luis Landriscina   to play music to his verses. From that union, the theme “Like a swan” was born.

Hernan Crespo is an artist who made himself. I found an accordion on a closet in his house and filled it with music that wasn't his, but he made it own.

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