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6 tangos by Tita Merello

The lady of tango par excellence has an extensive repertoire that she left as a legacy. Today we chose 6 tangos by Tita Merello to honor her.


The imprint that a  strong woman  leaves on her life is indelible. If we talk about strong Argentine  women  ,  Tita Merello  is one of the first names that come to mind. Because he was born with nothing in his favor and turned his lack into success. Because she became alone, from below, in the man-dominated world of   tango   , at a time in our history when independent women did not take place.

For all that, today we want to pay tribute to her by recalling 6 themes from her repertoire. We hope you enjoy them.

1. It's said about me

“It is said that I am fierce, that I walk to the malevo, that I am chueca and that I move with a compadron air,” Tita Merello sings, and covers the mouths of those who criticize. A milonga of Francisco Canaro that we all hummed.

2. Passion flare

Composed by herself and with music by Hector Stamponi, it was dedicated to her partner Luis Sandrini.

3. Good boy

Another classic of Canaro, the lyrics go perfect with the style of Merello.

4. Arrabalera

From the film of the same name, from 1950, is a tango by Cátulo Castillo y Piana. “Arrabelera, like a vine flower that grew in the alley...”.

5. Me and the milonga

Milonga composed in 1968 for Tita Merello, who premiered it in the film   This es Alegría  , by director Enrique Carreras.

6. Choclo

Classic rioplatense in the voice of Tita Merello: “With this tango was born tango and like a cry came out of the sordid neighborhood looking for heaven”.

Publication Date: 09/03/2020

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