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20 fun facts about Miguel Abuelo

We remember the musician, poet and founder of Los Abuelos de la nada - a landmark of national rock - reviewing emblematic moments and curiosities of his life.


 Miguel Abuelo  was born and died in Munro. Son of Virginia Peralta, he never met his father and spent his early years in an orphanage. Since he was a kid he spent the hours on the street, with friends bigger than him. He left school at age 13 and at that age, ironically, began to link to reading. He recited Hegel and  Nietzsche by heart and discovered his passion for music thanks to his sister. Escape from the oppressive climate of the Onganía dictatorship, he went to live in Europe. He lived in  Spain , England, Holland, Belgium and France. He had a son with a Welsh who he called Blue Cat. In the 1980s, he returned to the country returning to his musical career: he founded again Los Abuelos de la nowhere, and with them, he gained massive popularity and knew the excesses. Rebellious, strong temperament and easily for fistfighting, those who knew him remember him as a restless being, in constant search and movement ; and above all, a fundamentalist of freedom: he dedicated himself to practicing it in all areas of his life for 42 years.

We review some little-known milestones of the artist and his invaluable legacy in the history of  Argentine rock :

  1. From birth to age 5, she lived in an orphanage of nuns because her mother contracted tuberculosis and was intern until she was recovered.
  2. He
  3. was sent so much to address for his bad behavior, that the school principal ends up adopting him.
  4. His first artistic debut was riding a circus in the streets of Munro: he performed tricks with a dog, chewed razor blades, and the show ended with a friend spitting fire and burning burlap that worked as a tent.
  5. At 9 he worked as a milkman's assistant and handed out drums; he also sold watermelons along with two friends on the street, until his mother forced him to return to school.
  6. At 13 he left school and started working in the mail; they ended up opening telegrams and choosing which were the most important to deliver.
  7. He practiced boxing until in a real fight, he suffered so many hurts that he did not return
  8. again.For a while he was nicknamed “Equiaspere”, due to the poor pronunciation of the name Shakespeare. His sister, who at the time had an independent theatre project, invited him to one of his readings and when Miguel had to read a text by Shakespeare, he uttered it that way.
  9. Miguel believed in freedom and losing established prejudices: that's why one night he decided to accept the proposal of a gay friend. However, before he took off his clothes, he fled the scene.
  10. Pipo's mother gave her the ticket to go to Europe, after learning about her excesses. There he abandoned music for a while.
  11. She married her son's future mother Krisha on a deserted beach. She wore only a tight pants and a white jacket; she wore a crochet blanket wrapped as if it were a dress.
  12. In France he worked collecting grapes in exchange for a place to sleep and made belts. On his way through London, he got a position in a luxury restaurant.
  13. He had a supporting role in the Spanish musical Hair in Barcelona.
  14. He was imprisoned in a prison in Ibiza for being an undocumented foreigner.
  15. In jail she befriends the ringleader of a gang of thieves by flattering her sandals. When they escaped, Miguel found the sandals in his cell. He was so excited that he wrote a poem called “La fugue.”
  16. He considered that men who show their female side enjoyed more
  17. , and
  18. used to nickname anyone as “Mike.”
  19. His favorite bar for drinks was La esquina del sol , in Palermo Viejo.
  20. I went every Sunday to see antiques in San Telmo.
  21. Once in Santa Clara del Mar, he paid 100 dollars to a beach boy in exchange for snails.
  22. His companions defined him, among other things, as “a hard head arian.”


Publication Date: 06/01/2020

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