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15 immortal tangos

Tango is full of unforgettable songs. Today, we put together this list of immortal tangos, performed by great masters. Enjoy it.


Any selection is in itself arbitrary: tango has so many unforgettable themes that we always risk leaving one outside. Anyway, we take the daring to put together this list of  15 immortal tangos . Would you add any more?

1. El Choclo, Francisco Canaro

With this tango that is mocking and compadrito

It tied two wings the emotion of my suburb

With this tango was born tango and like a cry

He left the sordid neighborhood looking for the sky

2. Escape and Mystery, Astor Piazzolla

3. The yumba, Osvaldo Pugliese

4. Hand in hand, Roberto Goyeneche


rechiflao in my sadness, today I evoke you and see that you have been

in my poor life pariah just a good woman;

your presence of bacana put heat in my nest,

you were good, consequent and I know that you loved me

as you didn't want anyone, as you can't want.

5. Half-light, Carlos Gardel

And all in half light, who is a sorcerer love,

Half-light kisses, half light the two.

And all in half light, interior twilight,

That soft velvet half light love.

6. Chicken Pucherito, Edmundo Rivero

With twenty apriles I came to the center,

my debut was in Corrientes and Maipú;

from the arm of men played and vento,

there I wanted to, burn my youth...

7. It's said about me, Tita Merello.

It is said that I am a fiera,

that I am on my way to malevo,

that I am chueca and that I move

with a compadrón air,

that I look like Leguisamo,

my nose is pointed,

the figure does not help me

and my mouth is a mailbox.

8. Malena, Roberto Goyeneche

Malena sings tango like none

And in each verse puts her heart

to the yuyo of suburb her voice perfumes

9. The day you love me, Carlos Gardel

The day you love me

The rose that adornates

It will dress at a party

With its best color

And in the wind the bells

They will say that you are already mine

And crazy the fontanas

will be told their love

10. Cambalache, Carlos Gardel

Today it turns out that it is the same

being right as a traitor

Ignorant, wise or jet,

generous or swindler

Everything is the same

Nothing is better

Same a donkey

than a great teacher

11. La cumparsita, Julio Sosa

If you knew,

even within my soul,

I keep that affection

I had for you...

Who knows if you knew

that I've never forgotten you,

going back to your past


you'll remember me...

12. For one head, Carlos Gardel

For a head, of a noble foal that

right in the line, loosens when you arrive And that, when

you return, seems to say

Don't forget, brother

Vos know, you don't have to play

13. Nostalgia, Esteban Morgado

I want to get drunk my heart

to extinguish a crazy love

that more than love is a suffering...

And here I come for that,

to erase ancient kisses

in the kisses of other mouths...

14. Back, Carlos Gardel

 Back  with the withered forehead

The snow of time silver my temple

Feeling that it is a breath life


twenty years is nothing That

feverish the gaze, wandering in the shadows Seeks

and names you

Live with the soul clinging

To a sweet memory I

cry again

15. Orange tree in bloom,  Roberto Goyeneche 

First you have to know how to suffer,

then love, then leave,

and finally walk without thought

Publication Date: 01/01/2020

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By: Ignacio Mario Sánchez 01 January, 2020

El tango, primer producto cultural de exportación, es uno de los medios de recuperar NUESTRA IDENTIDAD NACIONAL. felicitaciones.

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