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10 songs for our beloved Docta

Among poems, songs and dances, we celebrate the birthday of our Docta: of the beloved Cordoba, protagonist of revolts and full of history.


To this city of quartet, of dance, of charisma and creativity. The one that houses vestiges of revolution in its streets . From Cordobazos, from memory and proclamos Nevermore. To the city that hosts events such as La Marcha de la Cap, the Chori World Championship and the Night of the Theatres. The one you have as a ritual sergeant's Friday.Thousands of artists devoted their poetry to this city . To our Docta, center and heart of our country, singers and poets gave their inspiration. Susana Curto makes a selection of works of art dedicated to the city we inhabit and that inhabits us.

1. “Cordoba of Yesteryear”, by Los Cuatro de Córdoba

Originally they were named Los Auténticos de Córdoba, but later became known under another name. Three Cordobeses and one Pampean joined the iconic folklore band Los Cuatro de Córdoba. “Del norte cordobés”, “La Oma” and “Zamba del cantor in love” are some of the hits they released. “Zamba de Alberdi” and “Córdoba de Antaño” are two songs dedicated to our Docta.

2. “My Cute Cordoba”, by Monster Sebastián

An iconic character of Cordoba's culture performed a song that would mark the identity of the city forever. One of the most important themes dedicated to the streets of the city of La Cañada and Güemes.

3. “Córdoba in autumn”, by Raúl Montachini

The Cordobesazo Raúl Fernando Montachini, known as “El Gringo” , is the composer of the song that marked his career. Among other songs “Mi abuelo gringo” and “Cordobés, guitarist and singer”. Also “Knight of the Law”, dedicated to the famous character Flower Garden. All his compositions marked by adeep sense of belonging.This theme, and its composer, are remembered with much love by the people of Cordoba.

4. “Córdoba without you”, by Pedro Favini and Carlos Bazán

Composed by these artists, this song became famous for the performance of Luciano Pereyra. A poetry of a unique tenor that refers to a story of heartbreak . A broken heart wandering through the streets of our Docta.

5. “My beautiful learned” by Christian Valverde

It's a song that was born from my Nostalgia. I think it had been conceived in my mind and my heart for several years ago.

In the words of the author. This song arose on one of the city's anniversaries, as a gift, as an offering, as a present by the artist Valverde.

6. “My three loves”, by Los Caligaris

The Caligaris represent the festive spirit of the Cordoba population. Making a mix of different genres, merging rock with quartet, they made this song. They sing it among trumpets, costumes and dances, in the unique style of these circus performers, and it says:

Because of Cordoba are my three loves

Women, quartetazo and alfajores.

7. “Oda Docta” by Marcos Luc

An EP released in 2009 by artist Marcos Luc. It was heard in all Cordoba media and also through social networks. It is one of the works that gives recognition to this artist

8. “Córdoba goes”, by Francisco Heredia

A theme composed by the great Pancho Heredia.It was performed by Horacio Sosa, Jairo and other artists . And it became a provincial anthem, dating us back to the history of our beloved Docta.

9. “I am Cordoba”, by El Potro Rodrigo

A quartette that is part of the most popular songs nationwide.The whole country dances it and sings it from foot to foot.And, with that provincial symphony, our Cordoba identity became visible and marked forever . But it was also massified: today all Argentines sing together the “soy cordobés, I like wine and joda...“.

10. “Our Cordovan style”, by Carlos “La Mona “Jiménez

Yes or yes, we had to finish this note with a hit of the quartet's greatest reference.The only and essential one, the original primate : La Mona Jimenez , who sings to us in this song stating that “tunga tunga will not be buried”.

Publication Date: 14/07/2020

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