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10 facts you didn't know about El Potro

A day like today, one of the benchmarks of the quartet was born at the national level. We tell you what you didn't know about El Potro's life.


 Rodrigo Bueno, aka “El Potro”,  was one of the singers  who popularized  the quartet nationwide.  He was born on May 24, 1973 and his fate was already written. Since childhood he triumphed on stage, not only for his musical talent, but also for his  unique charisma and style.  After a short but successful career, El Potro's memory would be characterized by his  smile from ear to ear and colorful hairs  . In his tribute, we tell you facts that you didn't know about  Rodrigo's life. 

 1. His parents 

El Potro was the son of Eduardo Alberto Bueno, music producer, and Beatriz Olave, composer. So, from his mother's womb, his heart beat  to the rhythm of music  and, above all, to the  rhythm of the  quartet of Cordoba .  

 2. Young and incipient talent 

His first appearance in the media was at two years of age. In a program by Carlos  “La Mona” Jiménez , current benchmark of the quartet. From a kid, El Potro played to be a singer with any object that would serve as a microphone.

 3. The Colt for babies 

At the age of 5, Rodrigo, with his father's help, recorded a children's song  album titled Disco Baby . With songs by  Maria Elena Walsh .

 4. Poet with faults 

El Potro had written his own songs since he was ten years old. Being a child, his “me-poet” was already seen. However, he never showed his productions because he was ashamed of his spelling mistakes.

 5. Your first contract 

At the age of 13 he signed his first musical contract and earned his first salary as  an artist . He was next to the band Manto Negro.

 6. Mascot of the great 

Since he was young he attended the dances and the artists of the band Chébere, as soon as they saw him, invited him to the stage to sing with them.

 7. No one is a prophet in his land 

The Colt Rodrigo was never  recognized in Córdoba  as a talented quarteter. His fame grew with his arrival in Buenos Aires, where he was recognized and carried out his musical career.

 8. The photo of your body 

That was the name of his first solo album, released through PolyGram Records. “La foto de tu cuerpo” is a song composed by El Potro at his age 13.

 9. Non-stop 

The Colt Rodrigo had a short but hectic race. He came to present his show at Luna Park 13 times in a row. No stop. Rodrigo Bueno's nights were full moon:  he filled 15 times the  Luna Park    . 

 10. Before you leave 

Rodrigo planned to leave the country and become a music producer in the United States. His decision was made, he was going to finish his scheduled concerts, including a concert tour in countries of South America. The last live performance, which would be in River, was going to be under the title of  Adiós Rodrigo . But he didn't come...

Publication Date: 24/05/2020

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