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Lenga Provincial Festival in the “heart of the island”

The Festival of the Lenga will be from 12 to 15 December. There will be fairs, wood carvings, artistic shows,
La Fiesta de la Lenga será del 12 al 15 de diciembre
12 December, 2019

As every year, the city of Tolhuin will become the stage where the Provincial Festival of the Lenga will take place. The event is considered one of the most important in the province of Tierra del Fuego. Forest activity is part of the history of the Tolhuinense people and many families live from it. La lenga is part of its urban landscape, its constructions, lodgings and cabins. The 18th edition of the Festival again highlights the Lenga and its multiple uses.

Patagonian wood that dazzles

As you may have guessed, the big vedette of the party is the leng, also called“oak of Tierra del Fuego”. This is used for the elaboration of fine furniture for its quality and purity. It also features a variety of design and color options that make it unique in the world. Be extracts from the forests of Tierra del Fuego through forest management responsible, authorized and certified. It is a native species that grows exclusively in southern Argentina and Chile, and one of the most demanded for their durability, strength and sustainability.

The Great Attraction

During the 4 days of celebration the most attractive competition of the event will be held: the contest of sculptors of lenga wood. Craftsmen and artists from all over the region will demonstrate their forest skills and skills. Dozens of wooden rolls of 2 meters long will be carved by prodigious sculptors. In the previous edition, Javier Riveros, the renowned sculptor from Tolhuin, was the winner of the first prize. His work “Historia Fueguina” represents a guanaco protected by the native peoples.

Much more to enjoy

As if this were not enough, there will be guest musicians, craft fair, crafts and gastronomy. Finally, on Sunday, the closing day of the party, will take forward an exhibition of old cars of Rio Grande and Ushuaia. Now you know. From 12 to 15 December, you can’t miss the Fiesta Provincial de la Lenga in the “heart of the island”.

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