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Launched on sale the first electric car of national manufacture

The company Sero Electric today completed the commercial and industrial launch of the first electric vehicles in series of domestic
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auto eléctrico argentina
21 October, 2019

The company Sero Electric announced today the commercial and industrial launch of the first domestic serial electric vehicles, approved for the patenting and circulation in urban areas, and for which export to countries in the region is already planned.

“ It is a vehicle that represents the new mobility because it is a 100% electric microcar and friendly to the planet,” said Sero Electricdirector Pablo Naya, following the presentation that took place today at the 2,000 square meters plant in the Pitam Industrial Park in Morón.


sedan and high van versions that are part of this first stage of launch have the L6 homologation, while the company advances in the development of two utility vehicles with a load capacity of up to 500 kilos destined for the industry and other work activities, said the manager.

The L6 approval has a restriction of traffic so it cannot go on routes or motorways because the speed is limited to a maximum of 50 kilometres.

These first vehicles are offered with lead or lithium batteries that give autonomy of 50 and 100 kilometers, respectively, which impacts the differences in the final price of these units which at the time of launch are US$9,990 and US$14,600.

“ 50% of the cost of this electric vehicle is in the battery and electronics component, but they have zero maintenance costs and allow you to travel 100 kilometers with $50 of energy charge, almost 70% less than with a fossil fuel vehicle,” Naya explained.

In both cases the vehicle is delivered with a built-in charger that allows it to be plugged in for recharging in a normal socket of a house, trade or industry, because it is not a high power equipment that could damage the installation.

Regarding the formation of the units, the project achieved almost 80% of national integration and only imports components that by scale are not produced as electronics, controllers or differentials that are not available in the country.

At the time of launch, the brand already has the first distributors in the cities of Buenos Aires, Sea of the Silver, Mendoza and Cordoba.

In addition, Naya said that “currently the production of vehicles has competitive values, and in November will be dispatching the first units to Brazil and Mexico to make the first presentations to concretize the export of the first units.

Technically, the vehicles have aluminum structure, tubular suspension bridges, independent suspension, seat anchors, inertial belts and mechanical steering; a weight of 450 kilos and battery charging time of in

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