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Your parents are not on Instagram

Veintis already migrated to Instagram, Facebook got old...

I have a friend in her veintis who, to invite us to her birthday, created an event on Facebook , like every year. But this time he clarified: “Although I'm not using  Facebook  lately... ”. What was that clarification coming? Isn't it “young” enough to use a social network to invite your friends home? No, it's not.

Veintis people have already migrated to Instagram ; Facebook got old: their parents use Facebook . When I asked another of my young friends what was so much better than Instagram, her first explanation was as follows: “ Your parents are not on Instagram ,” as if the content I could upload was forbidded for my mom.

Treintis costs us a little, but slowly new accounts appear, when we notice that the Facebook wall is increasingly advertising and political discussion. As age increases, problems increase: quarantine, fifties and sixties already have enough with a social network to aggiornate  to a new one.

And that's how we are: the precursors of Fotolog , the kings of ICQ and MSN , it takes us 40 minutes to try to upload a story with some matching emoji and, when we do, we feel so young and cool. Too bad that, like everything, this is also going to evolve and, before we know it, we will be the grandparents of a new social network .

Instagram the social network of the “levante”

How does it work and what are the keys to “lift” by Instagram? The social network has become one of the best platforms to get a couple... or a fleeting affair. Instagram Stories with their instant content, which is deleted 24 hours after being shared, became a very useful tool to show what we do or where we are.  And this invites those who see us to start a conversation by private message.  The ideal space for the  chamuyo .  

For many people it is more comfortable than  Tinder  (social network created for the purpose of snooking) because they can see the person's profile and that gives them greater security when it comes to meeting people. And because they can also check if they have friends in common.

The key to the chamuyo, as we said before, is in the stories. Usually it is women who upload photos or videos waiting for a response from the male audience. The secret is to climb several and wait if any “itches”.

But as in everything there are rules. Do not be heavy, if the other person does not respond do not insist. It means there's no interest on the other side. Bad and soon said: they bounced you off. Although this bounce is a little more friendly because it is less violent. And also comes a little into play the ambiguity in the interpretation:  it may have been a good comment, from friend, and not strictly from levante.  

As happens many times, the man proposes and the woman disposes. Instagram is no exception.

Likes are also a good way to generate a wave. There are several theories and ways to use this tool. There is the theory of the 3 likes: if an X appears, it follows you and puts you three likes is that he wants to give you.

Another option is the “likeador hystericeo”. You put on a like. The other one puts you. You put another one on him again. So several times until either of us loosens and speaks privately. That's what they're up to your hands.

A little more played, worth redundancy, is to like an old photo. Of those you have to scroll four times to find her. But watch out because it's a double-edged sword: it's a way to show interest, but you also run the risk of being like a stalker.

So you know, if you're looking to meet people and find it hard to find how, follow these tips and become a  Levante genius  on Instagram.

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