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With a 3D printer, they donated “superpowers” in Oran

A group of high school students from Oran (Salta) took 20 superhero carriers made with a 3D printer to the hospital.


Young people from the high school Lanza Colombres in Orán, Salta, delivered 20 holders with children's designs with a 3D printer. These items were taken to the maternal and infant sector of the city hospital.

The teacher Domingo Silva said: “We are very excited, a solidarity action of the boys to the hospital, which will surely help children who are going through a hard time moment.” She also thanked Dr. Laura Moyano, director of the hospital.

The idea of transmitting “powers” to the sick

The project port-holders made with 3D printers was born from the e-guidance students. Silva added: “The project was concretized 4th year students, accompanied by professors Luis Batallanos and Ricardo Torres.” These teachers are constantly working with technology updated and thinking of innovative ideas, such as that of the with the 3D printer.

The Salteños students arrived at the hospital with the idea of concealing a harsh reality and changing it for happiness. The life of a hospital is not easy and less in the paediatrics sector, this sensitized the students. Batman and Superman items built with a 3D printer not only carry serum, they carry hope. “The holders aim to make the child surprised by the superhero figures when looking at them, and we tell them they take the serum of a superhero,” said Professor Silva.

Innovate to improve

The students' invention could be developed thanks to 3D printers, an equipment that the institution has recently received. The task of a 3D printer is linked to this project, also with other such as the creation of smart poles for the blind.

Twenty-one units were manufactured with a 3D printer from his school laboratory. They are non-toxic materials, have colors and children's designs. It is a project that delighted the students for having done something in solidarity aimed at the children.

Silva said: “It is a work that demonstrates the commitment of our technical school with society and the most needy.” He also assured who will continue to work and innovate to provide solutions and help community.

SOURCE: Salta Soy

Publication Date: 27/10/2019

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