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Tucuman could produce lemon orange blossom honey

Lemon is the jewel of the Tucuman. According to research, orange blossom honey from this citrus can be produced and benefit small producers.

Tucumán podría producir miel de azahar de limón

Made only with lemon orange blossom flowers, this honey is a food that stands out for its light color, soft taste and floral aroma. Its characteristics position lemon orange blossom honey as a food with functional and healthy attributes.

A team of researchers from  INTA  Famaillá promotes the development of the Geographical Indication (GI) of lemon orange blossom honey from  Tucumán- Yeah .  With 40,000 hectares dedicated to the production of lemon, Tucumán leads the production and export of these citrus fruits worldwide. Thanks to this peculiarity, beekeepers in the province obtain a food with unique characteristics. It is very in demand by consumers and is called lemon orange blossom  honey  .

The climatic conditions, the type of soil and the knowledge of family beekeepers converge in the product. Its sensory, nutritional, antioxidant, antimicrobial and phlebotonic characteristics position it as a food with functional and healthy attributes.

“This is an initiative with high commercial and economic impact. It is a honey with sensory characteristics very appreciated by the consumer.” That was the statement of Alejandro Álvarez, specialist in Agroindustry at INTA Famaillá. Lemon orange blossom honey is very clear, mild and slightly acidic in taste. It crystalises finely, gives a rather special creaminess to the palate and has the particular aroma of orange blossom.


An exhaustive analysis was carried out by the Agroindustry Laboratory of INTA Famaillá with the National University of Tucumán. Also included are the INBIOFIV and the Laboratory of Palinology of the National University of Jujuy. Together they were able to determine that lemon orange blossom honey has flavonoids that give it an  antioxidant, antimicrobial and phlebotonic capacity . This gives it the character of food with functional and healthy characteristics.

Producers associated with Cooperativa Norte Grande and the Asociación Civil Tucumana de Beekeeping work together. They advanced in the development and implementation of a protocol of Good Agricultural Practices in the field. They aim to obtain honey and good manufacturing practices in the extraction rooms.

INTA advances along with representatives of the provincial and national governments, the Faculty of Agronomy and Zootechnics of UNT. It also does so with the Cooperativa Norte Grande, the Civil Association of Beekeepers and the Apiculture Cluster of the province. They are advancing in the recognition and registration of the Geographical Identification “Honey of lemon orange blossom of Tucumán”.

The ultimate goal of obtaining this GI seal is to achieve a product of high added value, achieving that the economic benefit is appropriate for small producers and that the  profit  is not left in other links in the chain behind lemon orange blossom honey.

Source:  Infocampo 

Publication Date: 08/02/2020

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