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Training in 3D Design and Printing for Health

San Luis trains health professionals in design and 3D printing to add it as a quality resource to their health system.


The application of new technologies in the field of health is a fundamental tool and the province of San Luis is not alien to these new implementations. The Government makes a strong bet on state-of-the-art equipment. This is why the training of health professionals in different  specialties is necessary. This is done through the ministries of Health, Science and Technology, and the      University of La Punta    (ULP). 3D printing today is presented as a new essential resource for medicine.

Training in 3D Printing for public and private professionals began at the University's SUM. The first meeting was held by  Mauro Pojmaevich , biomedical engineer, founding partner of RERUM 3D Printing, in charge of R&D&i product development, and teacher of  3D Printing and Biomolding .

The head of the Technological Innovation Program of the Extension Secretariat of the ULP,  Fabio Gonzalez , said: “The topics to be seen are practical applications such as obtaining pre-surgical models.” These models made with a 3D print will serve surgeons to plan their surgery. Work will also be done on the design and modeling of technical aids and  prosthetics  for people with motor difficulties.

 Trainings continue 

In the upcoming meetings, the topics will be bioprinting, its applications and the materials used. This 3D printing or bioprinting will be for application on some organ, and surgeons will be able to practice before each surgery. In the last training, the central content will be project management for  health centers.

There is good acceptance in this training. Professionals such as  doctors , surgeons, kinesiologists,  dentists and some professionals from  images . The call is for public and private health, but people who are entering 3D printing were also invited. This increases the community trained to develop tools related to the field of health.

Mauro Pojmaevich, trainer of the first meeting, said: “We are talking about what is biomolding, design oriented to what is health service.” In addition, he explained the purpose of the first meeting: “The central idea is the application to the health service and introductory contents of 3D biomolding, 3D printing themes and their manufacture”.

Online 3D modeling software has been used in the practices developed at the University and also another specialized in the generation of biomolding.

Source:  San Luis News Agency 

Publication Date: 04/11/2019

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