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Warn about a scam that pretends to be a sneakers promotion and spreads by whatsapp

A supposed campaign that offers free sneakers from the brand Adidas.

Advierten sobre una estafa que simula ser una promoción de zapatillas y se propaga por whatsapp

An alleged campaign that offers free sneakers from the brand Adidas is actually a scam that spreads through the social network  WhatsApp  to infect with malware the computers of those who fall into deception, warned & oacute; today a specialist in computer security. The scam, which arrives on the phone or computer through a message that comes from a known contact, points out that Adidas is delivering 3,000 pairs of sneakers for free and that to get one you have to register, clicking on a link that leads to a domain “.top”. By clicking on that address, which pretends to be an Adidas page, it redirects to another domain, “something that does to mislead the antivirus,” Cristian Borghello, director of Segu-Info, told Telam Borghello.

“In the second domain it offers you one of the 3,000 pairs that supposedly there are to get around. He does a trout survey and tells you to send the message to 20 friends or five groups to win a pair of sneakers. If you click directly it opens the WhatsApp, which makes the message reach you from an acquaintance,” he continued. “This had happened before with  Coto  and with  Aerolíneas Argentinas  The new thing is that if you stay on the screen for a minute, it opens a window that tells you that your computer is infected and offers you a free antivirus to download. It's trout: if you click, it infects your computer with malware,” Borghello said.

This malicious program has “.exe” extension, so it affects Windows computers (and not phones), and installs on the victim a “Trojan downloader”, a kind of tool used to install other malware, usually banking Trojans. The number of people affected by this  scam  is unknown, although Borghello noted that “there are many people” since the methodology is that of tree: each person deceived in turn propagates in message to another 20 contacts, and so on. To this false promotion “I found it and reported it yesterday afternoon, with the reporting system, but the site is still active,” said the specialist. While he clarified that web browsers already detect the scam and warn netizens, “it is WhatsApp that should block the spread” of the message.

Source: Telam

Publication Date: 12/12/2018

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