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They inaugurated a modern planetarium in the capital of Córdoba

A digital hybrid planetarium was inaugurated today in the city of Córdoba, where specialists explained that it has advanced technology for the reproduction of the celestial sphere and the simulation of the cosmos and deep space, which by its characteristics is one of the most modern in the country.


The modern Julio Verne planetarium was inaugurated at the Plaza Cielo Tierra Scientific Interpretation Center, which is located in the Las Tejas space that is adjacent to Ciudad Universitaria, and is the most stellar precision in the country that reproduces with more accuracy the movement of the 4,000 stars seen in the skies of the Southern Hemisphere. , as they explained during the opening.

The center is dependent on the National University of Córdoba (UNC) and the Government of the province, while its director, physicist Daniel Barraco, said it is the scientific center that is among the “most important and best equipped in the country”.

“ Thanks to this planetarium Córdoba takes the lead as a destination of scientific tourism, which moves more and more families during the holidays,” Barraco stressed during the opening ceremony.
The planetarium was developed and equipped by specialists from the German company Zeiss, a world leader and with more than 100 years of experience in the planetarium market.

The official also stressed that it is also an important step forward as a tool to improve capacities, both socially and educationally, and that the main objective is to “awaken scientific vocations”.
“ We understand that technology and fascination is the best fertilizer for those vocations to flourish. Fascination is a great engine for young people, and this space is fascinating. But not only do we stay here in the center, we have a great schedule of activities and we go to meet the schools with scientific camps inside, there we use telescopes, we also perform bird watching and geological studies,” Barraco stressed.
The inauguration of the planetarium coincides with the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and the time of the year when the sun, in its apparent movement, passes through one of the points of the ecliptic furthest from the equator and in which there is the maximum difference in duration between day and night.

As for the details of technological innovation presented by the planetarium Julio Verne, they explained that it has digital projection system, together with computer programs for generation and reproduction of shows in the dome of the planetarium, which allows optimization in the control and repeatability of functions, with the consequent simplification in the task of the planetarist, and improvement in the overall experience of the public.
The Center for Scientific Interpretation Plaza Cielo Tierra was set up a year ago, and since then it has been visited by more than 120,000 people. It operates from Tuesday to Sunday with free admission.

Publication Date: 31/12/2018

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