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The story of the Mendoza students who created robots to save lives

The prototype was developed by boys from two schools in Maipú. Robots provide support in critical situations such as fires or landslides.


In March of this year a group of students from the maipucinas technical schools , Guillermo Villanueva and Horacio Román Martínez Leanez, began working on prototypes of different robots programmed for different tasks. As they themselves clarify, it is a work that never comes to an end, as they are constantly tweaking and updating it .

In this situation is the“Zorro 1”, a robot that allows exploration in vulnerable locations where they may have been registered fires or landslides. And it is the prototype that yesterday your young developers presented to the Government, and with which the Tactical Division of Explosives of Mendoza will work to adapt it to situations wherever it is his intervention is indispensable. Whether to handle explosives or to make a first exploration in a critical area where a landslide occurred or a fire.

“ The division and teachers of the two schools we will begin to get together with the intention of studying and modifying the prototype for be able to use it in real situations,”said the Director of Policy of Digital Integration of the DGE, Mónica Pérez, during the presentation that the own teenagers made the governor Alfredo Cornejo and the authorities of that division of the Mendoza Police.

Release date

“ We will hold meetings with the two schools and their students, and we calculate that before the end of the year the project will already be finished”, summed up at his turn curator Luis Donoso, head of the Tactical Explosives Division. The specialist indicated that by 2020 it could be and the “Zorro 1” would already be able to intervene in multiple contingencies or catastrophes.

“ The 'Zorro 1' allows you to explore places where produced a landslide; and we came up with it because it is important in a province such as Mendoza that is in seismic zone,”said Aymará Videla (18), student of the Villanueva school and one of the creators of the robot.

“ None of us imagined that we were going to end presenting it to the brigade for use. But it's a good idea, since saves at least 3 lives: that of the person who may have remained trapped under the rubble, that of the rescuer entering the place and that of the dog that participates in the operatives,”synthesized the students of fifth year of Electromechanics, proud of their robots.


From the moment his “parents” gave him life, the Zorro 1 was designed with a key objective: that the prototype could be the first to enter for exploration in a mission critical area detection of fire foci, gas losses and even people trapped in the rubble. “ It looks for people and also provides the information needed for rescuers to have a first shot before entering,”added Aymara and his classmates at the school Mr. Villanueva.

While the Zorro 1 was developed by the guys from this establishment, yesterday's meeting also participated students and teachers by Martínez Leanez. “ What has been presented to the governor and to the members of the division of the Ministry of Security is a project that joins the two prototypes the boys have made. On the one hand, the fifth and sixth year of Villanueva; and on the other the fourth and sixth year of the Martínez Leanez,”said the Director of Policies of Digital integration.

A year and a half ago, the unit began working on training for technical school teachers and equipment to build robots. And it was in that context that there was the first approach with the Tactical Explosive Division.

Publication Date: 17/12/2019

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