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The professions of the future

The largest job offer is in the knowledge industry. In Mendoza, there is the first training school for the professions of the future.

Las profesiones del futuro

International studies have shown that, in the coming years, labor supply will be generated in the knowledge industries. In fact, today, you can already feel this reality, given the large number of courses and trainings that exist, for example, programming. However, this concept has already been learned and put into practice by a Mendoza school, which has outlined its teaching strategies on the training of children for the professions of the future.

In this sense, training children and adolescents at an early age is to open the doors to the future and give them tools to successfully forge it: “We have no doubt that these knowledge will help them in their professional life, even if they are engaged in other activities that are not related to the approach technological.  Programming is a language that should be incorporated into training spaces from an early age. We teach children from the age of 10  and we believe that this is a great impetus to define their vocation as young,” says  Luciana Silvestri, general director of Probot School  , Argentina's first robotics and programming school.

Probot School

 “ At Probot School we promote a learning environment that has been designed and designed for the development, training and expansion of technological vocations.  We rely on the development of macro skills such as collaborative work, problem solving, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and manual skills. We start from knowledge related to robotics, which in turn has several branches such as electronics, programming, mechanics and design, but we also develop those macro skills with the development of video games.”

Students, children and adolescents from the age of 10, develop at  Probot School  a learning trajectory increasing the above-mentioned skills, which will be required in the professions of the future. “ We start from a cognitive theory that is constructionism, that theory relates to “learning by doing things .” Each student works an individual product, either tangible with the development of the robot, or intangible as is the case with video games. Teamwork is key throughout the process, something planned from the pedagogical approach,” says Silvestri.

Undoubtedly, stimulating at an early age with these knowledge opens the door to the professions of the future that already need these skills today: “We know that scenarios change continuously and we have to train ourselves to continue learning for the rest of our lives. Beyond being guaranteed a job exit in a short period of time, we train children to adapt to new challenges.”

 The obsolescence of traditional teaching 

Perhaps the most important thing, in this regard, is  to understand that traditional teaching should start thinking from the new paradigms and give children the real weapons of the future . “Companies are needing to generate more flexible, collaborative spaces where they can meet the challenges of the world stage.  Technology  plays a crucial role in all this. For technology development companies, our students are trained to get started, as they understand both software and hardware. Thanks to this we make joints with local companies and generate developments for them.”

Finally, the CEO of Probot School referred to students' educational continuity: “ We know that our students will be the workforce of the professions of the future. At the statistical level, the boys who start with our proposal at the age of 10, opt for 60% for secondary education with the basic knowledge that we give them. Those who have started at the age of 13, 14 or 15 are inclined by 70% for engineering careers ,” he concluded.


Publication Date: 30/05/2020

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