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The first Patagonian lambs in vitro

Researchers from INTA Chubut presented three Patagonian lambs achieved by implementing in vitro reproductive biotechnology.


In  Chubut , a team of researchers from the INTA Animal Reproduction Centre presented the first Patagonian lambs obtained using an advanced method. We are talking about  in vitro reproductive biotechnology . This is an innovative technique that accelerates the production of improved genetic material and at a lower cost, compared to traditional techniques. “We achieved  something new and innovative for the region ,” said Andrés Buffoni, director of INTA Chubut's Animal Reproduction Center (CRA).

“These are techniques applied to animal reproduction that seek to obtain, quickly and massively, selected  genetic material  . Such techniques contain certain desirable characteristics for the production of wool and meat,” said Buffoni. The  INTA  Animal Reproduction Centre together with the Corporation of Development (CORFO) worked on embryonic culture procedures in the laboratory. In this regard, Livio Sala, CRA researcher, pointed out the importance of the work. “We managed to produce ovine embryos, transfer them to the receiving females, and recorded the birth of two twin females and one male, in good health.”

 Benefits of biotechnology 

After the gestation period, pregnant females gave birth to three lambs in vitro. Two twin females weighing 4 and 4.6 kilograms, respectively, and a male weighing 5.6 kilograms.

Among other benefits, in vitro reproductive  biotechnology   reduces the cost  of obtaining embryos. In addition, it avoids the use of hormones in donor females and there is greater use of semen. The procedure is  minimally invasive  and is performed by laparoscopic follicular aspiration. Which can be done every ten or fifteen days on the same donor sheep. Its implementation aims to obtain eggs from  genetically superior females .

This progress was made possible thanks to a technological linkage agreement signed between various actors. The province of Chubut, the Development Corporation and INTA for the genetic improvement of sheep in the region.

lambs in vitro

 Source:   INTA  Informa

Publication Date: 04/01/2020

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