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Bypass, one of the 400 inventions that changed history

Google chose Favaloro bypass as one of the 400 inventions that changed the history of mankind. He is the only Latin American on the list.


It is unfair how, sometimes, the  great men of history  are recognized in their real magnitude once they are no longer among us. However, they remain present through their legacy and honoring them is one way for their example to inspire others.   René Favaloro   dedicated his life to medicine and his country. He created bypass  , a surgery that changed the lives of millions of people around the world. Today, his invention is among the  400 selected by Google  as one of those who modified the  history of mankind. 

 Google Arts & Culture  launched a cultural platform in which it highlighted the inventions that changed history. This is   Once Upon a Try   , an immersive experience that seeks  to inspire new generations, helping to  preserve the legacy of great minds whose discoveries marked the way to innovation for the benefit of humanity.

 Bypass  is the only invention of Latin American origin listed in the selection. With the help of the  Favaloro Foundation , which provided information, content and curation, Google Arts & Culture allows you to explore the history of the Argentine doctor. It is possible to know his origins, his university, the place where he worked as a rural doctor in La Pampa, his time in Cleveland and his return to Argentina to embark on the dream of the Foundation. All this, through images, videos, texts and tours using Street View.

Once Upon Try

In order to form the sample, the  Google Cultural Institute  collected more than 200,000 digitized historical records, artifacts and videos. Today they are online, within everyone's reach. To do this, it partnered with 112 institutions in 23 countries to receive original material from the organizations involved with each of the inventions and discoveries. The explosion of the Big Bang, the first women to travel into space, the first Map of America, the Galileo Galilei telescope, Marie Curie, the cloning of the Dolly sheep, the largest machine in the world, Albert Einstein's letters to French scientists, among others, are some of the facts in the that we will be able to dive through this platform.

Publication Date: 05/02/2020

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