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Let us not let certain interests that have nothing to do with the teacher's work dilute the strength of that presence that was always so important to everyone.

La educación argentina. En crisis.

Every year, as the beginning of the school cycle approaches, two words resonate everywhere:   teaching   conflict  . A threat that, sadly, becomes real. Again,  classes aren't going to start when they should.  I'm unemployment . Somehow, the immaculate figure of the  master was demonized in recent years with the most serious accusation that can be made to them: they do not want to work.

While it is real that there is always some rotten apple in the drawer, that accusation does  not represent in the least most of our country's teachers.  It requires, first of all, vocation: to stand in front of a  classroom  full of children, to achieve their attention, their respect and — this is the most important thing — their affection. Shaping people, teaching them not only formal content, but also values and tools so that they can move in life. Of course it's not for anyone.

Every day, parents entrust the most precious of their lives to a person who is fundamental to their children: the  sign . To say that the  Lord does not want to work is hard, it hurts and, above all, is false. Let us not let certain interests that have nothing to do with the  teacher 's work dilute the strength of that presence that was always so important to everyone.

Argentine education. In crisis.

We talked above that teachers have been accused of not wanting to work lately. But where does this disinterest arise from? Do we really value the work of teachers?

In October 2016, the implementation of the Learn tests was used to better know teachers throughout the country, and one teacher from each course answered a supplementary questionnaire while their students were testing.

While this analysis did not provide information on each and every teacher in our country, it collected information on issues that had not been previously considered.

According to this study, it was determined that one of the main causes of disinterest in the teaching career is due to the impossibility of horizontal growth. The  education system  is not interested in the  individual merit  and  professional growth  of those who intend to work in the classroom.

In the public system an increase in seniority pay is only possible or if they decide to move up the hierarchical scale. So it  does not matter how innovative they are or how many trainings they have attended ; they simply have to wait until the years necessary to be worthy of an increase. Or they must move away from the classrooms, even if they do not want it because their vocation is there, to aspire to an administrative or management position and thus receive better income.

This means that the most trained teachers should leave their classrooms in pursuit of their professional growth. And those who have no interest in being managers, as they do not need the points spend the last 15 or 20 years of their career without receiving an increase since they achieved maximum seniority. That is, moreover, they could not be trained at all. The wage incentive system is becoming perverse by undermining the willingness of teachers to continue training.

Another complex point of this system is that those teachers who have the lowest score are forced to take positions in schools that other more trained colleagues discarded. Generally, they are the ones with the poorest students and are left in more postponed areas.  That is, schools that require more trained teachers and with greater resources to teach, are those that end up in the hands of teachers with less experience. 

According to this study, it was also found that 1 in 3 of secondary school teachers work in 3 or 4 institutions at a time to receive a living wage. This coupled with the fact that teaching work is not restricted to the classroom (as they must also correct students' jobs and exams) makes  teachers and teachers  jaded and underrated by the current education system.

Publication Date: 20/04/2018

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