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Students travel for free

We tell you a little bit about the Free Educational Ticket. In Cordoba, students, non-students and workers travel for free. Find out how to get it.


The right for which thousands of students fought throughout Argentine history, in Cordoba, was conquered. This is the free educational ticket (BEG), which changed its modalities over time. And today, it is consolidated as the means by which students, non-students and workers can travel for free. And thus, take care of our economy, without neglecting our projects or  our rights .

The BEG works for  elementary, secondary and university students. Initially, the  Transport Secretariat  provided a certain number of monthly tickets. Depending on the number of days taken and the group company you have registered. This allowed students to use the passages to their liking, always as one-line or  two-line users. The control measures to be  beneficiaries of the BEG  changed, as was the modality. The last adopted, which governs the current system, provides  two daily passages , on any line of collective. The modalities were adapted, on various issues. The main reason why the dynamics were changed was the use of BEG for non-educational purposes. This led the Government to take  measures to strictly regulate  this policy.

 You take it, give it to me for the Student Ticket * 

The important thing is that Córdoba is one of the few provinces that gives students a ticket with which to move and reach the establishments. Each BEG regime has its requirements, for example, the intercity BEG is different from that of line groups.

To apply, you must be registered in the  Digital Citizen regime  and make sure that you meet the requirements. Then, you fill out a specific BEG form, which you will then need to submit to the Ministry of Transportation. You can also do so at a nearest BEG Headquarters. And at those points the ticket is processed. Undoubtedly, the free ticket is one of the most important inclusion and permanence policies of the education system. Since the regular ticket in Cordoba is  one of the most expensive in the country .

For more  info click . Remember that, if you study, you travel for free!

*Song played by thousands of students in demonstrations during the dictatorship.

Publication Date: 20/12/2019

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