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Shop Salta, the first e-commerce of La Linda

The online trading platform Tienda Salta arrives to revolutionize the concept of business in the northern province. We'll tell you what it's all about.

The virtual online shopping platform “ Tienda Salta ” will allow local businesses and SMEs to offer their products. This will be through the implementation and management of modern systems that facilitate the approach of sellers and buyers to the age of digital sales.

The public and private sectors coordinate financial, human resources, logistics and organizational efforts aimed at the development, implementation and implementation of a digital platform that will enhance commerce and local SMEs.  Salta  was selected by CAME as the first province in the country to develop this tool. It will be part of the CAME Stores.

Shop Salta

From the signed agreement the  digital  shopping platform Tienda Salta is put into operation. It can be accessed through the Internet site .

For the implementation of the digital platform, the Government allocated 5 million pesos. They will be applied to installation, commissioning, maintenance and evolution. Also acquisition of necessary equipment, in addition to advertising and promotion in shops for the pre-launch of Tienda Salta.

In order to encourage trade in the new platform, the Province will promote the launch of special promotions. Also sales activation programs, encouraging financing in interest free quota plans, and granting credits to affiliated businesses for working capital.

Source:  El Tribuno 

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