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School of Pocito gave a didactic sample in Education

The community of Pocito was able to learn from a day with didactic samples applied to education in the province of San Juan.


Las Hornillas School is located in Pocito , San Juan province. It hosted the Didactic Exhibition of the Areas of Specialties. Educational experiences developed in the Specialties Areas that are part of the Institutional Curriculum Fund were shared. Thus, they developed topics such as Physical Education, Music Education, Technological Education and Agricultural Education. They also presented the work of the implementation of the ESA Programme (Escuela Sale del Aula) with pedagogicalproposals. Proposals focused on Visual Arts, Physical Education and Technological Education.

The theme of the exhibition was “El Circo” and sought to enhance an artistic environment that invites students to value collaborative work. The 330 students of Las Hornillas participated. In the SUM, the works of Technological Education, Agricultural Education and Visual Arts (ESA Programme) were exhibited. In the school yard students also deployed the skills they are developing in the areas of Music Education and Music Education.

Inclusion in Las Hornillas

The sample allowed to appreciate the corporeity and motor skills of boys and girls, promoting communication, participation and cooperation. Thus, these elements today are key elements in the shaping of children's social relations. If we talk about partner motor practices, the boys manifested the development of their abilities. Especially in perceptive, cognitive, motor, coordination, conditional, relational, affective and expressive areas. All fundamental for their comprehensive training in the children of Pocito.

Students with different abilities participated in the didactic sample. This promoted teamwork at all times, remembering that differences are not a problem. To point out that cooperation is a strength for joint production and shared experience. Music, art, technology and motor skills unite and integrate. They also help the development of self-esteem, self-confidence.

Source: Government of San Juan

Publication Date: 29/11/2019

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