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Santafesinos seek the vaccine

Researchers from Santa Fe join the many around the world, working to develop the COVID-19 vaccine. We tell you what it is.

A team of  researchers from the Faculty  of Biochemistry and Biological Sciences of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral ( UNL ) works together with two  companies in development of proteins that can be used in a vaccine for the  prevention and monitoring of  coronavirus  . It is also proposed to develop diagnostic, control and monitoring kits of the disease.

This  Santafesina idea was selected, among other 900 proposals  from across the country, presented in the Special Call for Financing to Improve Argentina's response to the  pandemic . It would receive $100,000 under this framework for the implementation of the project.

Currently, various organizations from  different countries are looking for  solutions that can prevent or  combat  this coronavirus and prevent its expansion. So far there are two vaccines in the clinical phase and two other projects in the preclinical phase. It is not yet possible to foresee their results. Therefore, it  is necessary to expand local capacities  to implement production biotechnology in the country or imported, to curb the pandemic.

It was in this  context  that the team of scientists and entrepreneurs presented to the national state a project.  It would quickly, simply and efficiently produce  recombinant SARS-CoV-2 proteins for biotherapeutic and diagnostic purposes for coronavirus.

Claudio Prieto, a researcher who heads the team, says  they will be able to perform tests to assess the epidemiological status  of the inhabitants. Scientists talk about  a biosafety vaccine  , that is, that in the procedures for its production  do not use viruses , as is the case of other options that bring some risks of infection.

 First-level scientists 

The technology  platform  has  highly trained staff,  with extensive experience in technology development and transfer for the pharmaceutical industry; laboratory scale equipment, pilot and industrial; and cellular banks optimized for quick and easy implementation in bioreactors. They are 16 researchers found at the Litoral Biotechnology Center, belonging to the Faculty of Biochemistry and Biological Sciences of the UNL. More, eight related to Cellargen Biotech SRL companies, pre-incubated at the Faculty, and Biotecnofe S.A., incubated in the Technological Park of the Litoral Centro. The working group has a  long track record in the development of other vaccines  for both humans and animals. These include a rabies vaccine and one for hepatitis B. This means that they can use all the accumulated knowledge and equipment available  to find solutions to coronavirus more quickly  .

The proposal could produce a  COVID-19 vaccine locally, as elsewhere in the world, avoiding dependence on these imports.

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