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Procer: Inclusive Cordovan technology

We tell you everything about Prócer, an app developed in Cordoba for people with visual impairment and dyslexia.

We are used to seeing that endless devices constantly arise. They are accessories that have as motto novelty in front of what already exists. But what happens when science and technology join social needs? That's when  Inclusive Technology is born.

 Procer  is a portable device designed for people with visual impairment and dyslexia, whose main function is to transform text into speech. It also reads invoices and recognizes the numbering of tickets. It should be noted that, in Argentina,  5% of the population suffers from these problems .  Julián Guerrero , José Ribodino , Mariano  Lescano and Manuel Diaz Ferreiro are Electronic and Computer Engineers. His masterpiece is this instrument that combined   creativity and social sensitivity  .

The project came up thinking how a person with visual impairment was doing to study. In research, young people found that there was no such product on the market. The resembling device was very expensive as it comes from Israel with a cost of $110,000. Against this background, they began to meet with organizations dedicated to the topic. Among them the  Cordovan Union of the Blind  (  UCORCI  ), to obtain their opinions and begin to develop what is today the  Prócer  device.

At first, like any entrepreneurship, they needed external funding and received support from the National University of Córdoba. At the end of 2016 they won the  Naved  competition of  Universidad Austral  .

 From Cordoba to the world  

 Eduardo Carrizo  belongs to the Business Angel Club  of the IAE  , has become a partner of the SME and, from his support, the entrepreneurship took shape. “We started with a pre-sale in April/March 2017 that lasted 4 months, where we planned to sell 30-40 devices, and ended up selling 70. With that money we finance the production of the devices,” says  Manuel . Today,  Prócer  is selling between 20 and 25 devices per month and aims to continue to grow.

They already visited Chile and passed through Spain. Its great desire is to enter these markets and bring  Cordovan technology to the world .

 What does Procer do and what doesn't? 

The device is designed to convert printed text into speech. It does this through a scanner that glides across the sheet, the device processes it and starts reading it.

The first thing he does is discern if it is a service bill. If so, it will detect the name of the company, amount to be paid and due date.

If it is not an invoice, the device starts reading the text. It even allows to make summaries,  very useful tool for students . In public universities in Argentina there are more than 4000 students with visual impairments.

Other functions:

You can buy it directly at its office located in Caseros 679, 1°B, Córdoba City.



Facebook:  Procer Project 

SOURCE:  Business Info 

Rating: 5.00/5.