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Open summer schools offer robotics workshops for children and adolescents

The program offers artistic, sports, aquatic and pedagogical activities during the summer.


More than 200,000 children from Buenos Aires between three and 17 years of age who participate in the educational, recreational and sports activities of the Open Summer Schools program will also be able to hold robotics workshops, reported the Department of Education and Culture of the province.
“Workshoppers will teach robotics through a playful approach to content in the field of art and technology, which invite them to learn by playing,” they explained in a statement.
The children are proposed to “produce, think, reflect, know and start in knowledge of the areas as well as in the notions of computational thinking, programming and robotics, which are the fundamental axes of the Provincial Plan of Educational Robotics”.
The Open Summer Schools Program is intended for “children who are or are not in school” and are invited to “perform artistic, sports, water and pedagogical activities in which the values of coexistence, teamwork, cooperation and respect are stimulated”, called the Government of Buenos Aires.

Source: Télam

Publication Date: 25/01/2019

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